The pros and cons of buttock augmentation with implants

The pros and cons of buttock augmentation with implants

07th Apr 2018

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and J.Lo are popular for having awe-inspiring curvy butts. Currently, having a larger bottom is a trend that many women follow. Some do this by wearing pads over their buttocks, but some want a more permanent solution. Women can achieve this through cosmetic surgery. This procedure is not only considered by women but also men who want to improve their buttocks.

Surgical buttock augmentation involves the use of either implants or fat. People have different opinions about using either of those to enhance their butts. Their preference varies and can be affected by the results they want to achieve and the current condition of their body.

There are many benefits to having buttock implants instead of fat transfer. First of all, the use of implants is an ideal choice for patients who don’t have enough fat in their body for the fat transfer procedure. It is not a good idea to gain fat just to be transferred to the buttocks because once you stop, those fat transferred to your buttocks will be reabsorbed and used by the body as energy. A better solution is to have buttock implants.

Through the use of implants, some patients can also achieve more augmentation for their buttocks. Some may say that it looks unnatural, but if bigger buttocks like what celebrities have are what you are after, then it is the perfect procedure for you. With different sizes available in the market today, you will surely find one that will augment your buttocks just the way you want. There are also implants that can be sculpted by the surgeon with their own hands to achieve the contour that you are aiming for.

Another reason why people choose buttock implants is that it has a more permanent result than fat transfer. With the fat transfer procedure, it is expected that not all the fat transferred will survive. Some fat cells get damaged in the process which is why they are reabsorbed. In addition to this, they will still be reabsorbed by the body when you lose weight and burn fat in your body. Those fat cells found on your buttocks will also be burned if your body mass index lowers.

On the other hand, there are also disadvantages to this kind of buttock augmentation. First on the list is the unnatural appearance of the buttocks. Some choose to have very large buttocks which may look unnatural. Secondly, the procedure is also considered a major surgery, and it will take time before a patient fully recovers from it. As a major procedure, you can also expect that the cost is higher than other butt augmentation surgeries. In addition to this, the procedure also results in scars which can be a problem if the patient tends to form keloids scars.


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