The pros and cons of getting butt implants

The pros and cons of getting butt implants

12th Jun 2019



Many women who want to get buttock implants often wonder about the pros and cons of the surgery. It is essential to get as much information about the operation as possible because that will help you make a better decision. Like all other procedures, buttock implant surgery comes with both pros and cons. The pros and cons can differ from patient to patient. You should get the procedure only when the pros and higher than the disadvantages.

There is no doubt that smaller buttocks look cosmetically unappealing. If you have smaller buttocks, you might be looking less feminine. On the other hand, women with bigger buttocks look beautiful and more welcoming. Butt implant surgery is recommended for women with smaller buttocks and desiring to get bigger buttocks. The procedure involves inserting and placing artificial implants inside the buttocks. As a result, the buttocks increase in size and improve your appearance.


Pros and cons of buttock implants

Buttock implant surgery is one of the commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the US. It is a cosmetic procedure, meaning that it is not medically necessary. Women get this surgery to increase the size of their buttocks and hence appear more beautiful and feminine. This procedure is highly invasive and involves placing prosthetic implants inside the buttocks.

Butt implants are highly durable because they are made of heavy-duty silicone material. These implants do not rupture or leak and the FDA has approved them for use in buttock augmentation. Butt implants come in different sizes, which means you have enough flexibility to increase your butt size to whatever extent you want. But a board-certified plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks and tell you as to what implant size you should get.

Given that butt implant surgery involves incisions and surgical trauma, the procedure is not free of risks. Like all other invasive operations, the patient will be exposed to the associated risks and complications during and after the procedure. The risks are the cons of the procedure, and the patient must take them into account before deciding to go under the knife.

Keep in mind that your health is more important than your physical. You should analyze the pros and cons of the surgery and only get the operation as a last option when the cons are lower than the pros. Even though you can do your research about the pros and cons of the procedure, a board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in butt implant surgery can better explain the pros and cons to you.

During the pre-operative consultation, make sure to ask the surgeon about the risks and benefits of the procedure. The risks and advantages can also be different for each patient, depending on their overall health, skin quality, aesthetic flaws in the buttocks, and aesthetic goals. The recovery period can also determine the pros and cons for you. It is essential that the patient must follow the surgeon’s instructions throughout the recovery period that can last for many weeks.


Pros of getting buttock implants

Buttock implant surgery entails many advantages, pushing many women to decide to undergo surgery and enhance their backsides. Below are the main pros of getting butt implants:

It does not involve fat transfer: Buttock implant surgery uses artificial implants to add volume and projection to your backside. Unlike fat transfer surgery, the patient is not required to have excess body fat. No matter if you have surplus fat in your body or not, you may qualify for this surgery if you meet the eligibility criteria. Keep in mind that fat transfer delivers unsustainable results in most cases, whereas the effects of butt implant surgery are sustainable.  

Long-lasting outcomes: The results achieved with buttock implant surgery are permanent. Many patients wonder as to what makes the results stable. Butt implants are made of highly durable and best quality silicone material. As a result, these implants can bear huge weight and pressure and resist ruptures and leaks.

The implants are placed inside the buttocks through incisions, and the incisions are then sutured and closed. Once you get the implants, your buttocks will become bigger. The results achieved will stay with you for a lifetime unless rare but severe complications like implant infection and capsular contracture happen.

Compared to butt implants, the results of fat transfer are not assured to stay with you forever. Your body may absorb some portion of the fat, or the fat cells may die as a result of carelessness during the recovery period, rendering the results useless. To enjoy the results of butt implant surgery on a permanent basis, patient must be careful during the recovery period.

Butt implants add more projection and volume to the booty: One of the main elements of a woman’s femininity is the size of her buttocks. If the buttocks are smaller or flatter, it will make the patient look less feminine. The good news is that unlike fat transfer surgery that only adds mild projection to the buttocks, implants can make your buttocks considerably bigger. When the buttocks become large, you will look more feminine, fertile, and voluptuous. Butt implants are available in many sizes, which gives you many options to choose from. While selecting the implants, make sure the implant size accentuates your body outline, height, and weight and can fit well inside your existing butt dimensions. Choosing the wrong implant size will make your buttocks look fake and abnormal.

The results of buttock implants become visible quickly: The results of buttock implant surgery usually emerge soon compared to fat transfer surgery. After the procedure, your buttocks will be swollen and bruised, but as you heal in the weeks following the operation, you will start to see the results. The recovery period comprises of six weeks, but most of the recovery will happen within the first two weeks after the procedure. However, the results will become prominent after six or seven weeks and when the post-operative swelling disappears.


Cons of buttock implants

Just like all other plastic surgery procedures, there are cons to the butt implant surgery as well. During the pre-operative consultation, be sure to ask as to what are the cons of the operation. Below are the main disadvantages of the procedure.

The results may not appear entirely natural: Given the fact that buttock implant surgery uses artificial devices to deliver you bigger buttocks, the results may not appear completely natural. This is true mainly when huge implants are used or when the implants are placed over the gluteal muscle instead of within or under the gluteal muscle. Furthermore, the appearance of the buttocks after the surgery also depends on the experience and qualification of your plastic surgeon. On the other hand, fat transfer has a record of delivering natural results. But if you select your implants and the surgeon carefully, the results of butt implant surgery can look natural to a great extent.

Buttock implant surgery involves more trauma and longer recovery: Buttock implant surgery is more traumatic because it involves incisions and insertion of the implants inside the buttocks. During the operation, the surgeon will tamper with your buttock muscles, tissues, and skin, which will create more trauma and swelling. As a result, the recovery period is longer. It can take up to six weeks for the buttocks to heal after the procedure.

The surgery creates more scarring: Since the procedure involves incisions, your buttocks will get scars. Usually, the scars typically develop and fade over time. However, abnormal and more visible scarring may also happen in rare cases.

Capsular contracture: The incisions made during the surgery will generally heal and change into scars. In rare cases, the scar tissue may tighten around the implant and create physical pain and change the shape of the buttocks. This condition is called capsular contracture.



Butt implants are artificial objects that are placed inside the buttocks through incisions with the goal to make the buttocks bigger and sensuous. The surgery is highly invasive and traumatic, but it has an excellent record of delivering satisfactory results. But like all procedures, there are pros and cons associated with buttock implant surgery. In this article, I have explained the main pros and cons of the procedure. It is also crucial for the patient to do their research about the pros and cons of the surgery and discuss them with the surgeon during the consultation session. Doing so can save you from many risks and increase the benefits of the operation for you.


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