The pros of having a breast reduction surgery

The pros of having a breast reduction surgery

22nd Jul 2017

Most women undergo surgery to enhance the size of their breasts, but there are also women who want to reduce the size of their overly large breasts. The breast reduction surgery is a procedure, when done properly by certified and experienced surgeons, lessens the mass of the breast. In this procedure, the excess tissue, skin and fat will be removed to make the breast lighter and smaller.

Women with overly large breasts can be uncomfortable due to the weight of their breasts. It can cause neck, shoulder, and sometimes even back pain. The larger breasts may also be a hindrance to the patient during physical activities.

Breast reduction surgery has numerous advantages – the main one being the comfort that patients feel after the surgery. The pain caused by the large breasts will no longer exist after the reduction. In addition to the pain and inconvenience, skin problems have been associated with overly large breasts. The risk of contracting skin problems will be lessened with the reduction.

The breast reduction surgery will also change the proportion of the breasts, matching it to the body of the patient. The surgeons can make the size proportion to the body type of the patient, which is especially useful if the patient is petite. Furthermore, surgeons have the ability to rectify any breast asymmetry by adjusting the amount being reduced per breast.

Through the surgery, patients can be more confident about their body. Although large breasts are desirable to many, some women with disproportionately sized breasts are very insecure due to the unwanted attention. The surgery will boost the confidence of a woman by alleviating their insecurities regarding the size of their breasts.

People should know that the breast reduction surgery is available for men, as well. Men with large breasts due to excess fat or hormonal imbalance can feel more comfortable and confident by undergoing the breast reduction surgery.

Patients should remember that it is a surgical procedure that involves incisions, which will lead to scars. However, the surgeons normally do their best to hide the scars. The recovery period for a breast reduction surgery ranges from three weeks to a month, depending on the healing speed of the patient’s body.


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