The Real Deal with Facelifts – Facial Rejuvenation Katy, TX

The Real Deal with Facelifts – Facial Rejuvenation Katy, TX

29th Jun 2012

When you reach the age of 40 or older, you have come to a point of no return in terms of the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. It is the way human life code is written: daily stress and nature’s elements will take their toll on your face, and yes, the neck area. Suddenly you look old, if not older than your actual age, and your face is the obvious evidence of it. You can, however, subdue the normal flow of things with an effective surgery popularly known as a facelift.

The medical term for this cosmetic procedure is rhytidectomy. This is undergone in order to make the facial skin smooth and firm again after aging and other factors made their collective damage on your face. The malefactors to the irritating presence of wrinkles and fatty facial skin include solar radiation, gravity and even your daily personal disposition. If you constantly frown since time immemorial, you can’t expect to be wrinkles-free.

To be sure, rhytidectomy is not meant to reverse the process of aging: it cannot be done. However, it aims to improve your face by reducing wrinkles and smoothing the loose skin areas. Rhytidectomy also removes excess fats accumulating in your neck area. When done properly, this surgical procedure is going to give you back a fresh, youthful appearance.

If you are considering a facelift you might also consider combining it with other facial surgery treatments like neck lift or brow lift. Dr. Cortés can map out a comprehensive and doable facial plan for you if you will be straightforward with your physical concerns and aspirations.

Schedule you facelift consultation and surgery with plastic surgeon Dr. Wilberto G. Cortés. Dr. Cortés is a Houston-based plastic surgeon, who works to understand the exact aspirations of his patients by utilizing highly developed skills, an open-minded attitude and vast knowledge and experience with the most advanced techniques in plastic surgery. You may contact Dr. Cortés via this form.

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