The recovery period after butt implants surgery

The recovery period after butt implants surgery

15th Apr 2017

Recovery after a butt implant surgery is critical to achieving a better cosmetic outcome. The recovery period requires more rest and relaxation for the patient. The best way of resting is lying down or sleeping on your belly. You should avoid resting on your back because it will apply pressure to the butt, resulting in complications. Instead, rest on your sides with the support of pillows and soft cushions.

After the butt implant surgery, you need to be more careful. The recovery period can last for 2-3 weeks; however, you will be able to resume your full physical activities only after six weeks following the surgery. Sitting in one position and putting pressure on the butt will lead to more complications. The surgery may even become completely unsuccessful, or the recovery may be delayed. During the consultation with your plastic surgeon, you should be sure to ask him about the recovery period and what to expect after the surgery.

Do not sit down for the first 2-3 weeks after the procedure. When your doctor allows you to sit, it is important to sit carefully. Do not sit in one place for a longer time period. Sitting in one place for a longer time increase the risk of implant shifting or being displaced. You need to be extra watchful while sitting, using the bathroom, and sleeping. Sometimes the recovery time can be longer than three weeks, so take care for more than three weeks after the surgery.

Patients return to work after two or three weeks, and they may feel discomfort while sitting. Those who need to perform physically demanding work need to take more rest, as the physical activities may lead to more complications like incision splitting or wound separation. The best way to be careful in the workplace is to sit on a soft cushion or pillow. Some patients even place a small pillow or rolled towel under their legs to decrease the pressure on their butt.

Patients should avoid driving for at least six weeks after the surgery. If you have to travel for a short distance, you can roll a cushion and place it under your thigh and place another on your back while driving.

Bending over may lead to certain complications. Be sure not to bend for at least four weeks after the operation. Be sure to place necessities like your phone, water, medicines, etc. within easy reach so you are not required to bend your body. It would be better if you hire someone to run your domestic chores and help you out during your recovery period.

When using the toilet after a butt implant surgery, you should try not to leave your full body weight on the toilet as it can apply pressure to your butt. This holds true for the first five weeks after the procedure. Instead, you should slightly squat over the toilet. You need to buy a garment that can easily be unfastened at the bottom, making use of the restroom easier for you. During the recovery period, using a stool softener to cut toilet use time drastically.

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