The results of butt implants surgery

The results of butt implants surgery

11th Apr 2017

There are some people who think that butt implant surgery is just a simple procedure they could go into, and at the end of the day they will achieve the buttocks of their dreams. Although butt implant surgery can result into the buttocks of your dreams, it is more complicated than that. It involves preparing for the procedure physically, mentally and emotionally. After going into surgery, there is still a long way to go before you get the results you want.

After the surgery, the buttocks will feel sore and tight. This is because the muscles are still adjusting to the implants that are newly inserted. There is also much swelling because of the trauma the buttocks received during the surgery. Due to all of these, the buttocks can look larger than the patient might expect it to be. This larger size is only temporary, and once the swelling subsides, the size will also look more flattering.

In most cases, the implants may also look like they are placed too high. The surgeons don’t mistakenly position the butt implants too high on your buttocks. They just look too high because they haven’t settled in their proper positions yet. It takes a while for the butt implants to settle into place gradually. When there is much swelling, the implants may not get into the final position fast. Sometimes, they also settle at different times that is why the buttocks may seem like they are not symmetrical. The best thing to do is just to wait things out and allow enough time for the body to heal.

Only when the patient has fully recovered can they see the real results of the procedure. Butt implant surgery results vary depending on what kind of implant is used in the procedure, the initial appearance of the butt of the patient, the amount of work done by the surgeon, and how the body healed and recovered. This is the reason why you just can’t expect the same results in two patients even if the same kind of implants is used for their procedures. There are lots of different factors that will affect the results of the procedure.

The butt implant surgery is a preferred procedure for those who want a significant amount of change in the appearance of their buttocks. Due to making use of implants, it is possible to have the buttocks augmented significantly. This is advised for patients who find the results of the Brazilian butt lift not sufficient for the size they prefer to have.

Although the butt implant surgery can result in more unnatural looking buttocks, there are many patients who prefer it over other methods. This is because they prefer to achieve more volume even if it does look unnatural. If your goal is to achieve a more natural augmentation, then going for a Brazilian butt lift procedure may be a better choice for you. In order to be sure of what procedure would be best for your goals, it is best to talk to a certified and experienced surgeon. They will be able to advise on which procedure is best for you.

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