The risks of silicone butt implants

The risks of silicone butt implants

28th Jun 2016

When it comes to silicone butt implants, only highly specialized and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons can carry out the procedure because the risks and potentialshutterstock_421584142 complications are real. The procedure involves two major, sensitive functions: sculpting and placement of solid silicone implants. These functions have to be performed with precision and care in order to avert the possible complications involved in the procedure.

All types of surgeries involve risks, but when it comes to silicone butt implants, make sure to discuss in detail with your plastic surgeon the risks involved in the surgery.

The first risk of silicone butt implants comes from the type of sedation used during the surgery. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, meaning that you’ll be unconscious during the surgery. It is important to understand that general anesthesia comes with different risks for different patients, so you should share your complete medical and lifestyle history with your plastic surgeon before the procedure. Then there is the risk of infections. Your surgeon may prescribe you antibiotics to avert any potential infections, and you should make sure to use the medications as instructed and for the recommended time period.

Excessive bleeding and formation of blood clots are also among the risks of silicone butt implants. Another risk with silicone butt implants is the possibility that the implant will shift in place, which can leave your buttocks in bad shape and require an additional surgery to correct. Then there is the worry that the scar tissue around the implants may stiffen and give your buttocks a hard feeling. If this condition occurs, you’ll have to undergo an additional surgery to get the scar tissue removed, and it may become necessary to remove or replace the whole implant.

There is also a risk of thinning of the butt tissue after silicone butt implants. If you notice a drop in the lower part of your butt skin and unevenness in the shape of your buttocks a few weeks or months after your surgery, your butt tissue may have thinned due to the pressure of a large silicone implant and the underlying fluids. Thinning of your butt tissue can also occur due to aging of your silicone implant. These conditions can be fixed with surgery.

Other risks of silicone butt implants include leakage and breakup of the implants, which can occur if you injure the implant site. No matter how safe and effective you think silicone butt implants are, it is still very important to discuss the risks and possible complications of the procedure with your surgeon before making your decision.

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