The secret in getting satisfactory results after buttock augmentation

The secret in getting satisfactory results after buttock augmentation

20th Sep 2017

Butt augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that involves placement of implants in the buttocks to achieve desired fullness. The Brazilian butt lift can also be used for butt augmentation. But augmentation has gained popularity among Americans since the 1970s. Butt implants and butt lifts are relatively safe procedure, but that would be determined by many factors.

Today Hollywood celebrities are ahead when it comes to going under the knife for various reasons — one of them being to increase the size of their buttocks. It’s a trend led by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag, Blac Chyna, and Nicki Minaj, though Nicki has continuously denied going for butt augmentation. Let’s just believe her for now, but you never know what she was busy doing before becoming famous.

People who go for buttocks augmentation do that for one main reason: to get a nice behind that will make them happy or increase their self-confidence and self-esteem. This is why it is always important to find a special surgeon whose track record shows nothing else apart from successful recovery and happy clients. Before going under the knife, you have to do a background check on your plastic surgeon to find out whether previous clients got exactly what they wanted.

Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon

Visit your surgeon’s online page to analyze and review BEFORE and AFTER images of her previous patients. Compare yourself with previous patients who have the same body symmetry as you to gauge whether there are chances butt augmentation can help you get your dream buttock size. You then need to do a detailed research whether you are a good fit for butt augmentation. There are different reasons that can make a person opt for plastic surgery, and if you think we are talking about you in the following factors that can make a person go for butt augmentation, then you are good to go.

Here are reasons that can make a person go for butt augmentation:

• If you think your self-esteem is affected negatively by small buttocks, then you can look for a good plastic surgeon to help you get a bigger booty, hence, help you get back your self-esteem.

• You have small buttocks that don’t match with your body symmetry.

• Aging sometimes makes buttocks loose and sagging. Buttock augmentation can be helpful if you want your aging buttocks to get back to fullness.

There are different approaches that can be used in butt augmentation:

• Brazilian Butt Lift: Fats get extracted from other parts of the body and then implanted into the buttocks.

• Butt Implants: This method uses butt implants, which are placed in the buttocks to achieve the desired shape and size.

The most common butt augmentation procedure that has gained popularity among many plastic surgery enthusiasts is Brazilian butt lift, which uses fats from other parts of a patient’s body.

Don’t fall victim of fake plastic surgeons out there who are not recognized by American Society of Plastic Surgeon. Such individuals have only one objective: to get your money and leave you suffering.

After understanding what to do before butt augmentation, let’s now look at what butt augmentation patients need to know after going under the knife to increase the size of their butts. Normally, before your surgeon starts a butt augmentation procedure, you need to ask questions and tell him/her about things you think can help for the success of the whole process. In the same way, your surgeon will also tell you what to do and what to avoid after butt augmentation. You’ll realize that what you have already read is a foundation for a successful butt augmentation.

So what exactly is the secret to getting satisfactory results after buttock augmentation?

1. Use compression garments.

Compression garments are normally given to butt augmentation patients to prevent swelling and accelerate fast recovery. No butt augmentation patient wants to take like forever to heal. That is why compression garments are important. If there is minimal swelling, then there are signs of fast recovery. Compression garments are given after surgery, but if you were not given some by your surgeon, you can always get them because they are always available.

2. Avoid sitting for long.

It’s always important to avoid sitting after a butt augmentation procedure. This is normally something that your surgeon will tell you prior to the butt augmentation process. You can’t sit for two to three weeks after the procedure, depending on the buttock procedure.

3. Avoid alcohol.

Just like in any medication, you need to avoid alcohol after butt augmentation. Your body needs to relax and work well at the highest level of sobriety for fast and successful recovery. You will likely have a discussion about this with your plastic surgeon, and this is the right time to tell him/her about your alcohol history. Your surgeon will obviously tell you to avoid alcohol after butt augmentation.

4. Minimize having sex.

Having sex after butt augmentation is not advisable considering the fact that some sex positions can exert pressure on your buttocks, which can cause implants to shift. If you have to have sex, then try, as much as possible, to do it in a manner that will not leave your buttocks in pain, especially on the area of the incision.

5. Avoid exercising, tweaking, and all forms of heavy activities.

Your plastic surgeon understands the importance of relaxing after butt augmentation, and that is why surgeons advise patients to avoid tweaking and doing strenuous activities. Your body needs to relax to allow the fat implants in your buttocks to get together and accelerate recovery.


These are the secrets any person who has gone through butt augmentation can tell you. Apart from your plastic surgeon playing his part, you also have to take care of yourself after butt augmentation for fast recovery. Stick to medication given by your surgeon, and eat healthy food to allow your body to recover quickly.

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