The secret to a perfect butt

The secret to a perfect butt

11th Jan 2018

Women desire to have the perfect butt. However, there are women who think that only size is what can make a perfect booty. The reality is that while size is very important, there are other factors that must be considered. With the hype created by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, women in the US are jumping on the bandwagon to enhance their rear ends. This has made buttock augmentation one of the fastest growing plastic surgery procedures in the US over the last few years.

The buttocks signify the femininity, fertility, and physical beauty of women. Today, skinny women are not considered real women, because they lack bigger and curvy buttocks. In addition to the obsession of our society with large buttocks, the standards of beauty have also witnessed changes. Women with bigger, rounder and voluptuous behinds are now considered beautiful and attractive. Moreover, men prefer women who exhibit bigger and shapely buttocks.

The ideal booty trend

The ideal booty has remained at the center of societal obsession for thousands of years now. Since time immemorial, the standards governing the ideal booty have witnessed several waves of changes. Today, many women experience lower self-esteem because they lack the ideal booty. Today, ideal butts are not just about size. People have become smart and can easily see and differentiate the aesthetics of different buttocks.

There are a number of factors that go into the making of a perfect butt. During the last several years, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicki Minaj have effectively used their behinds to set the standards for the perfect assets. Now, majority of people use their butts as benchmarks to analyze the buttocks of women. So what exactly goes into making the ideal butt? Let’s explore.

The secret to perfect buttocks

There are a number of aesthetic factors that work in combination to make the perfect butt. These include:


There is no doubt that size is the first and most important factor when it comes to a perfect butt. However, it is also true that bigger is not always better. The ideal buttock has a size that complements the person’s overall figure, profile, height, width, and weight. There are many women who think that the perfect butt is all about size, so they go under the knife to get the biggest implant available. The result is a plastic surgery disaster.

It is important to listen to your plastic surgeon during the initial consultation. The surgeon knows what butt size will suit your overall profile. In order to ascertain that, the surgeon will take measurements, evaluate your butt, and assess your anatomy and its dimensions. After that, he or she will recommend you the ideal butt implant size, shape, and type.

Butt implants come in different sizes and shapes. Some women make emotional decisions and insist on getting very large implants. This leaves their butt and overall aesthetic appearance in really bad shape before going under the knife again to remove or replace the large implants. Remember, the implant size must always fit the overall context and small details of your body.


The next important secret to having a perfect butt is the shape. In order to appear sexy, voluptuous, and aesthetically appealing, your buttocks must be shapely, meaning that they should be curvier and rounder. Simply getting bigger implants to increase the size of your rear ends is not enough. You need to make sure that your plastic surgeon has the skills, experience, sense of aesthetics, and artistry to carve your butt.

Plastic surgery is sometimes called art, because it demands attention to detail and a sense of aesthetics and artistry skills. Not all plastic surgeons have these qualities. This is why it is important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your surgery. In order to imitate those beautiful curves and shapes you see in popular celebrities, you must make a wise decision when selecting your plastic surgeon.

Natural appearance and movements

The next big secret of a perfect butt is natural appearance and movements. Yes, your buttocks must appear natural and move naturally with your body. Again, this comes from the skills and artistry of your surgeon in addition to the buttock augmentation type you are considering to undergo. There needs to be a natural connection between your buttocks and the rest of your body. When you walk or run, your butt must accentuate your overall movement and appear natural. Buttock augmentation via fat transfer is popular, because the surgery not only increases your butt size and shape but also gives it natural appearance and movements. The reason: it uses your own body fat, instead of prosthetics like implants. Butt implants can considerably increase your butt size, but they are not as effective as a fat transfer when it comes to giving them natural appearance and movements.

Smaller waist

The smaller your waist, the more prominent will be your buttocks. For this reason, many women are opting to go for liposuction or tummy tuck. These plastic surgery procedures make the waist smaller and firmer, which helps accentuate your booty. Remember, the hourglass figure boasts smaller waist and bigger, shapely buttocks.


Getting the perfect butt is the dream of many women as it is very important in determining physical beauty and attractiveness. They stand for femininity, fertility, and aesthetic beauty. This is the reason why many women desire to have the perfect booty.

Even though size is important in the making of an ideal butt, there are other important things you should consider. These include the shape, appearance, and movements of your butt, in addition to the size of your waist. You should be concentrating on all these factors, instead of the size alone.

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