The truth about sagging breasts

The truth about sagging breasts

15th Feb 2015

People attribute sagging breasts to a variety of causes. Some say it has to do with aging; others argue that it’s a consequence of massive weight loss. At our practice, sagging breasts are a common reason women seek breast enhancement, with or without implants. Here are the causes of sagging breasts.

First, breasts do sag because of aging. Breasts are primarily made of fat, milk ducts, suspensory ligaments, and connective tissues. The lack of muscle in the breasts makes it easy for the fat and tissues to give in to gravity and eventually sag. Breast involution (when milk-producing glands shrink with age) is another phenomenon that can lead to drooping breasts.

Weight fluctuations from diet, pregnancy, or certain conditions also lead to sagging breasts. This is because the breasts are made predominantly of fat, so anytime you lose fat, you lose some breast mass.

Smoking is another factor that can potentially influence sagging breasts. Smoking can significantly reduce elastin, one of the proteins that promote skin elasticity, allowing the skin to sag.

Finally, running or any similar vigorous activity without proper support can cause overstretching of the breast ligaments, which eventually leads to sagging.

Worry-free breastfeeding

Many would assume that breastfeeding can result in sagging breasts. However, research has proven that a woman’s breasts following breastfeeding do not sag, but only change in size.

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