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18th Oct 2018

The effects of aging and gravity can lead to the lack of tonus of the skin on the interior and exterior parts of the thighs, causing the skin to sag and to lose its smooth aspect. This condition can be accentuated by significant weight loss that usually occurs after multiple pregnancies or bariatric surgery.
In some cases, it is another plastic surgery intervention that has caused the sagginess. I am talking about liposuction performed on a patient with a poor skin condition.
Generally speaking, the external side of the thighs is affected sooner than the internal side. Aside from the sagging aspect of the skin, the thighs are also an area where fat tends to accumulate, and the excess of adipose tissue produces an unsightly contour. For many people, especially women, these fat deposits won’t be reduced when weight loss occurs or with the help of physical exercises.
Many patients come to my clinic asking for a liposuction on the thighs. But if they already have a sagginess of the skin in the area or have a poor skin tone, this means that liposuction will emphasize the sagginess even more. Some of them think this is okay because they can correct the sagginess with physical exercises after surgery. Unfortunately, this is not possible.
Every time we have skin sagginess, we need an excisional procedure to eliminate the excess skin. The surplus skin can’t be corrected in another way like massages, physical exercises, and diets. It needs to be surgically removed. This is the reason why I always tell my patients only to choose liposuction if they have a good skin condition or if they are ready to undergo a thigh lift too.
Physical exercises are a good option when it comes to staying in shape, toning the muscles and getting fit. But physical exercises work on the muscles and not on the skin. They can’t cause the dropping skin to retract after a liposuction or considerable weight loss. The collagen and elastin fibers are responsible for a good skin condition.
So when it comes to sagging skin on the thighs, don’t count on physical exercises to help you correct it. The only effective method to fix this aesthetic imperfection is the thigh lift procedure. This intervention entails an incision in the inguinal area that can be extended up to the level of the hips and sometimes down in the thigh.

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