Thigh lift surgery candidate

18th Oct 2018

The thigh lift has benefited significantly through all the medical advances, delivering impressive results. Furthermore, this procedure has a relatively quick recovery process that allows you to resume your daily activities sooner.
The skin on your thighs is particularly sensitive because it is very thin with elastic fibers that one could qualify as fragile. When the skin is of good quality, soft, and with a good tonus, liposuction can sometimes be enough to improve the patient’s thigh area and give them aesthetic lines. On the other hand, when the skin is saggy and does not have sufficient shrinkage potential, liposuction is not enough, so a thigh lift is necessary.
As a result, the lifting of the thighs is certainly beneficial to women suffering from saggy, flabby, drooping thighs. This procedure aims to correct an excess of skin linked to a slackening of the skin (known as skin ptosis), which can, depending on the case, be more or less associated with excess fat in the area.
Normally, the saggy skin on the thighs is caused by the natural aging process, hereditary factors, significant weight changes, massive weight loss following bariatric surgery (obesity surgery), and pregnancy.
A thigh lift may be ideal for you when, in addition to the unpleasant aspect of the thighs, the patient also suffers from severe discomfort while walking because the thighs rub against each other. Irritations and lacerations of the skin in the thigh area can follow. The friction is even more severe and unpleasant if the patient has thighs that are tight to each other.
Therefore, if you suffer because of the excess of skin and fat tissue on your inner thighs, the thigh lift surgery can help you improve the aesthetic look of your legs, while also alleviating the dermatological conditions that can make life difficult even when doing simple things such as walking.
The thigh lift procedure is often requested and recommended after bariatric surgery because most patients undergoing the procedure end up losing a significant amount of weight through different methods prior to the surgery, thereby leading to saggy skin. Nevertheless, there are many reasons to go for a thigh lift because it can certainly improve your daily life.

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