Things to avoid for six weeks after breast reduction

Things to avoid for six weeks after breast reduction

08th Feb 2018

Breast reduction surgery is an invasive intervention that is used to decrease the size of overly large breasts. The procedure involves removal of the excess skin, fat, and tissue from the breasts. The patient is required to go through a complete recovery process after the surgery. The primary recovery period comprises the first two weeks after the surgery, whereas complete recovery will take six weeks. There are many things you must avoid during the first six weeks following the operation. These activities include the following:

– Physically strenuous activities

A patient who has undergone breast reduction surgery must avoid physically strenuous activities for six weeks as this is the time it takes for the incisions to fully heal. Applying pressure to the incisions before they have completely healed can cause bleeding, poor and slow wound healing, and abnormal scarring. You must avoid activities like jogging, weight lifting, stretching, bending, jumping, etc. for six weeks following breast reduction.

– Exercise

Many patients assume exercise after surgery can help them heal quickly. Keep in mind that breast reduction is a major operation that involves incisions. As such, engaging in physical exercises during the first six weeks after the surgery can cause many aesthetic and health problems. During exercise, the incisions will get strained or stressed and wound dehiscence may happen, which can trigger bleeding, infection, and poor wound healing.

– Eating unhealthy foods

Some people resort to an unhealthy lifestyle right after breast reduction surgery. Keep in mind that your healing process after the surgery also depends on what you eat and drink. You must avoid unhealthy foods and stick to a healthy diet, not only for the first six weeks after the surgery but even thereafter. Eating healthy will keep you fit, quicken the recovery, and prevent many health complications.

– Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

Smoking is dangerous to your health, and so is excessive alcohol consumption. However, smoking and excessive alcohol for the first six weeks after the surgery can trigger many health and aesthetic problems. Smoking can slow down the healing process by stopping blood and oxygen flow to the incisions. Alcohol has a tendency to trigger excessive bleeding and other health problems. If you want to heal faster and reduce your risk of poor and slow wound healing and bleeding, be sure to avoid smoking and excessive alcohol use for six weeks after the surgery.

– Doing household chores

Many women who undergo breast reduction surgery resume doing household chores right after the surgery. This can be extremely risky, as the household chores are physically demanding. You must avoid household chores for six weeks after the surgery. Be sure to use the service of a maid to take care of your household chore like laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.

– Others

Other things that you should avoid during the six weeks following breast reduction include touching the incisions and taking out the surgical bra or wearing your regular bras.

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