Things to do and things to avoid before and after buttock enhancement surgery

Things to do and things to avoid before and after buttock enhancement surgery

28th Feb 2018

It is not only women who seek help from plastic surgery to enhance their buttocks nowadays but also more and more men. In modern days there is a clear fascination with the aspect of the buttocks that can’t be denied. Women are supposed to have big, round, curvaceous buttocks, and a small waist and men are supposed to have smaller, but round and very firm buttocks to look alluring and desirable. Unfortunately, the sedentary lifestyle most of us live is not helping with the beautiful aspect of the buttocks. Aside from a sedentary lifestyle, there are many other factors that could cause the lack of aesthetics of the butts or the buttocks not being in line with the beauty standards of the time.

Plastic surgery comes to help both men and women interested in enhancing the aspect of their buttocks, whatever the initial imperfection of the butts might be. We have different procedures available to correct buttocks flaws such as the Brazilian butt lift, surgical butt lift, butt liposuction, butt augmentation with implants or fat transfer. These procedures are safely performed in medical facilities all over the United States. However, it is important to choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon to play out your butt enhancement procedure if you want to achieve the best results possible.

In this article, we will discuss about the preparation and the post-operative stage of the butt enhancement procedure, mainly about things to do and things to avoid before and after butt surgery.

What happens after butt enhancement surgery?

It is essential for the patients to be aware what will happen during the operative time and also after the procedure is performed. This way we reduce the pre-operative anxiety and the post-operative stress. More than this, knowing exactly what will happen can help the patient better understand why he has to do certain things before the procedure is performed and also avoid other things.

When butt enhancement surgery is performed, the patient is usually under general anesthesia for his comfort. When the procedure is over, the incisions are sutured, and compressive bandages and dressings are put over the operated area, and the patient is transferred to a recovery room. The patient will stay here and be monitored by the medical staff for a few hours after waking up from the effects of the general anesthesia. Before being discharged from the medical facility, the patient will be asked to get off the bed and move around the room to avoid the formation of blood clots. If no other complications occur, the patient can leave the medical facility within hours after the procedure was performed. However, it is important for the patient to have a friend or family member to pick him up from the hospital and drive the patient home as driving is not possible so soon after the butt implants surgery was performed.

Once the patient gets home, the recovery process begins and the post-operative indications need to be followed by the letter to ensure a faster recovery.

1. Things to do and things to avoid before butt enhancement procedure

To do:

– Take enough time to rest

While you might think it is important to do as much as possible before undergoing surgery to have time off after the procedure is performed, it is important to take time to relax and rest before the procedure is performed. The patient should be in top medical and emotional condition before the butt enhancement surgery is performed, so make sure you are not overly tired or stressed out before the intervention as this might put a strain on your recovery process.

– Prepare your house for the post-op period

The patient needs to be prepared for undergoing the plastic surgery procedure. This preparation can take different forms, from preparing mentally and physically to the logistical part of the equation: preparation of the house for the post-op period. It is not a good idea to think that there is no need to arrange things before the procedure as you will have time off from work and can do it after you had the buttock enhancement procedure. The chances are that for at least a few days after the intervention was performed you won’t feel like yourself or interested in doing much. More than this, there will be a certain level of pain and discomfort that will make standing up for long periods of time not a desirable activity. So make sure to get the house clean and do all the necessary chores before undergoing the surgery.

– Go shopping

Most women don’t need a doctor’s recommendation to go shopping, but if you are scheduled to undergo a butt enhancement procedure, the chances are that your plastic surgeon will advise you to do some shopping before the surgery’s date. Your shopping list should include foods and beverages to last you a few days and even a week, but also entertainment to keep you busy during the recovery period. You can get movies, magazines, and books or another type of entertainment you prefer to have something to do while healing from the surgery. Also, make sure to get the compressive clothing recommended by the plastic surgeon and the pills prescribed to have them in the house.

– Eat moderately and healthy

Having a balanced diet before any type of surgical intervention is recommended. The body needs quality food that is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Also, make sure not to overindulge in eating before plastic surgery as it might trigger a discomfort later on.

To avoid:

– Anti-inflammatory medication

Anti-inflammatory medication of a specific type can cause excessive bleeding after the surgery and during it. Make sure to ask your plastic surgeon what to do if you are under treatment with anti-inflammatory medication.

– Birth control pills

The birth control pills should be paused the month before the procedure to avoid ulterior complications that could occur.

– Smoking

The patient should stop smoking three to six weeks before the plastic surgery on the butts is scheduled to avoid the complications that can be triggered by the lack of proper oxygenation of the tissues that were injured during surgery.

– Eating and drinking before the surgery

A period of eight hours of fasting is mandatory before the butt enhancement procedure that will be performed with the patient under general anesthesia.

2. Things to do and things to avoid after butt enhancement procedure

To do:

– Get enough rest

After the butt enhancement procedure, the patient should get enough rest as the body needs time to heal after the surgical trauma.

– Eat in moderation foods rich in fibers

Constipation is a common occurrence after surgical interventions and considering the locations of the scars when the butt enhancement procedure is performed; it is important for the patient to have food in moderation and rich in fibers to fight constipation and resume a normal intestinal transit as soon as possible post-op.

– Take the medication prescribed

Medication for pain control and antibiotics will be prescribed after the butt enhancement procedure. Make sure to take them accordingly to the plastic surgeon’s recommendation to avoid unnecessary pain and a potential infection from occurring.

– Wear the compression garments

The compression garments are mandatory after butt enhancement surgery if you want to get the best results possible after your procedure. Wear them non-stop for the first six weeks post-op.

To avoid:

– Smoking

Smoking after the surgery can be just as damaging as smoking before the procedure. The patient should keep smoke free for at least three more weeks post-op.

– Sitting on the butts or laying on the back

It doesn’t matter what butt enhancement procedure you had, this recommendation is firm in all cases. Sitting on the buttocks can alter the results achieved with the procedure and even trigger unwanted complications.

– Applying products to the wound that were not recommended by the plastic surgeon

Faster healing of the incisions doesn’t occur if you put creams on it that were not recommended by the plastic surgeon. Make sure to do exactly what the surgeon’s advised you when it comes to taking care of the surgical incisions.

– Avoid physical demanding activities

Too much physical effort can cause wound opening, shifting of the implants if they were used or other complications that could be avoided if the patient would avoid physically demanding activities for at least a month after the procedure was performed.


Preparing for butt enhancement surgery and a proper post-op conduct is essential for the success of the procedure and also to ensure a fast recovery with no complications. Following the plastic surgeon’s recommendations is mandatory. Make sure you know what the things to do and to avoid before and after the buttock enhancement procedure before scheduling your intervention are.

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