Things you shouldn’t do after breast augmentation with implants

Things you shouldn’t do after breast augmentation with implants

25th Sep 2017

A breast augmentation surgery can help you improve the way you look. It makes the breasts bigger in order to give the body a shapelier figure. The breast augmentation surgery makes use of implants in order to make the breasts look fuller. It is important for patients to take care of their body while recovering to better enjoy the benefits of the surgery.

Your surgeon can suggest things you can do in order to help you heal faster. They will also advise you of the shouldn’t do because it will negatively affect your recovery from the surgery. One of the things you are not allowed to do is to sleep on your stomach. Many women enjoy sleeping on their stomach, but it must be avoided because it puts pressure on the breasts. Sleeping on your side also isn’t advised and should be avoided for the first six weeks. It would be better to lie on your back in a reclined position so that your chest doesn’t receive much pressure.

Any vigorous physical activity like running, jumping or working out should also be avoided during recovery to make sure the breasts heal properly. Make sure to avoid any activity that will result in making your breasts bounce because it can cause your wound to open up or your implants to be misplaced.

Taking a bath is to be avoided during the first couple of weeks to make sure that the wound remains dry at all times. If hygiene is the main concern, you can have a sponge bath given to you by someone who will assist you through your recovery. To make sure that the wound is always dry, a waterproof bandage can also be used.

Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided while in the process of healing. The alcohol reacts to the pain medications that you are taking, and cigarettes have chemicals that can interfere with proper blood circulation. Both of them hinder the body from healing faster and more efficiently.

It is also best to avoid eating junk food, chips or any food that has high salt content. Too much salt in the body can cause you to swell or bloat. To make sure your body heals properly, make sure you provide it with adequate nourishment and enough hydration. By giving your body what it needs to heal, you are also making it easier for your body to heal itself from the damage.

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