Tightness in the breasts after getting a reduction

Tightness in the breasts after getting a reduction

25th Mar 2021

Overly large breasts can be corrected and their proportions can be reduced with the help of a plastic surgery procedure called breast reduction. Breast reduction is preferred by women struggling to perform daily activities and also confronted with health issues because of their breasts. 

The procedure should only be performed in an accredited medical facility by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon if you want to achieve the best results possible and avoid complications. The procedure can last up to two hours and can be associated with other plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, breast lift, and even breast implant surgery, depending on the aesthetic requirements of the patient and the initial anatomy. 

Breast reduction is a very complex procedure and it requires a plastic surgeon with a good eye for detail. General anesthesia is often the recommended anesthesia type as the procedure can be quite lengthy. 

Just like any other procedure, patients can be confronted with different side effects after breast reduction surgery. Small seromas and hematomas can occur in the first few weeks after the procedure, as well as swelling and bruising. These are normal and often disappear without additional treatment. 

Tightness in the breasts after getting a breast reduction can occur as a result of the healing of the incisions at different paces. It is important to go see the plastic surgeon and allow him to monitor the recovery process, especially if you are confronted with a condition that you weren’t expecting such as tightness in the breasts. In some cases, the plastic surgeon will advise you to massage the breasts following a certain technique, while in other cases the best course of action is just being patient and allowing the healing process to follow its course. Keep in mind that breast reduction surgery is a complex procedure and patients can be confronted with different side effects. To reduce the risks of developing a rare side effect, you should follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon to the letter, especially during the beginning of the recovery period. 

The tightness in the breasts that can be experienced after a breast reduction surgery can be unpleasant; however it is important to know that it is not associated with any major complication. This means that most patients who experience it will notice that it disappears as the recovery process unfolds. 

If the tightness in the breasts is associated with other worrying symptoms (especially high fever), make sure to contact the plastic surgeon as soon as possible as this might be a sign of infection.

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