Tips for choosing the right implant size for breasts

Tips for choosing the right implant size for breasts

03rd Feb 2020


What type of implants should I choose? What implants would make my breasts look fuller or of a natural shape? How do I know if the shape and size of implants that I have chosen are right for me? These are some of the most popular questions that we get from patients interested in undergoing breast augmentation with implants. Considering the fact that it is not easy for everyone to envisage the results that can be achieved using an external prosthesis, it is normal for patients to have lots of questions and to want an answer to them before scheduling their procedure. 

What we should mention from the beginning is that there is not just one answer for every patient. The recommendations in terms of size and shape and type of implants depend on the anatomy and aesthetic goals of each patient. 

Breast implant surgery is the plastic surgery procedure during which the plastic surgeon will make incisions on the breasts and cut through the tissues of the breasts to create a pocket either behind the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle where the implants are inserted. The procedure is often completed in less than two hours, and it requires general anesthesia for the comfort of the patient. The results achieved with the procedure can be spectacular, especially if a talented and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon has performed the procedure and suitable implants have been chosen.

When choosing the right implant size, the patient needs to collaborate with the plastic surgeon. Here are a few tips on selecting the right type of volume for you:

–    Don’t focus too much on the dimensions of the bra. Depending on the manufacturer, after the surgery you might need a C cup in a brand while in another you will need a D. This shouldn’t be a concern; the important thing is for you to be happy with the appearance of your breasts.

–    When choosing the volume of the implants, you need to take into account the dimensions of your body such as weight, height, waist, shoulders, hips, and also the initial condition of the breasts. The implants must make the breasts proportionate to the rest of the anatomy, and harmony should be the goal of the procedure. 

–    Your personality and social status play an important role in choosing the implants as well. You need to tell the plastic surgeon how you see yourself after the procedure and how you want others to see you. Big, voluptuous breasts can be perfect for women with certain professions while for others they could easily become a burden. Different types of patients want to achieve different results. Even a moderate augmentation that is discreet and looks completely natural can do wonders for the self-esteem of the patient. 

–    It’s not all about the ccs. If your friend got 400 ccs and she’s happy with the results, it doesn’t mean you need the same type of implants. Focus on yourself and listen to the recommendation of the plastic surgeon.

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