Tips for getting the most out of your breast augmentation procedure

Tips for getting the most out of your breast augmentation procedure

14th Jun 2017

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves the placement of implants in the breasts with the aim of increasing their size and fullness. It is one way of improving body symmetry and proportion, and it can also be used to supplement the fullness of breasts after a person loses weight or after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

There are different surgical procedures that can be performed by a plastic surgeon and breast augmentation surgery is one of them. Breast augmentation surgery is a unique way of augmentation because it involves the use of fats from other parts of the body to enhance the fullness of breasts, consequently increasing the bust size. It is a surgical procedure, which many celebrities have used to restore the size of their breasts, become more attractive, and attain happiness.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons found out that many Americans undergo plastic surgery procedures, but breast augmentation has always been the most requested form of plastic surgery. More Americans are expected to go under the knife for breast augmentation according to projections by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Because of this anticipated increase in customer base, they recommend prospective patients to look for board certified plastic surgeons if they need to have plastic surgery. The association therefore encourages people to avoid cheap alternatives offered by fake surgeons who would cause more harm than benefit to plastic surgery patients.

Clinically, breast augmentation can sometimes be referred to as augmentation mammoplasty. So what is the importance of a breast augmentation procedure conducted by a professionally-trained and board certified plastic surgeon?

• Breast augmentation helps improve the balance of a person’s figure or body symmetry.

• It boosts breast projection and fullness.

• It can help boost self-confidence, self-image and self-esteem.

The breast augmentation procedure can be used to reconstruct your breasts and correct any deformities that might have resulted from an injury or accident.

It is also important to note that there are limits to what breast augmentation can and cannot do.

  • When it comes to correcting breasts, which are severely drooping or hanging, breast augmentation alone cannot help much unless it’s performed in conjunction with a breast lift. The breast lifting procedure can be done almost simultaneously with breast augmentation, or it can be conducted after breast augmentation depending on what your surgeon suggests.

Another thing you need to know is that your first breast augmentation procedure may not be your last visit to a plastic surgeon. In case the results of the first procedure fail to meet your expectations, you might want to schedule another surgery to enhance the outcome of the first procedure. However, it is possible to reduce these visits if you take the time to get the right information on breast augmentation and if you research what the surgery actually entails. Breast augmentations performed by fake plastic surgeons, whether at a cheap or expensive price, can lead to severe and irreparable side effects, which will make you regret undergoing the procedure.

To avoid stress before and after a breast augmentation procedure, here are professional tips for getting the most out of your breast augmentation to become happy.

The best tips for women planning to have breast augmentation

These are guidelines that any board certified plastic surgeon would give when consulted.

1. Look for a licensed and board certified surgeon.

If you truly wish to undergo cosmetic procedures without risking a botched surgery, you must look for a certified plastic surgeon with the required experience in surgical procedures. Make sure that you see the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and its logo on one of the certificates displayed at the doctor’s clinic. Look for a certificate that states that the surgeon you are about to consult with is a certified member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This is to avoid dealing with unlicensed individuals who perform backdoor operations. Verify the surgeon’s credentials before discussing the procedure you wish to undergo.

However, credentials may not necessarily guarantee a successful breast augmentation. Normally, before being certified to practice as a surgeon, ASPS surgeons are expected to have the following qualifications or requirements:

• Over six years of surgical training, with at least three years in plastic surgery.

• Recognizes the code of ethics

• Certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

• Their facility must be accredited

• And all other education requirements.

2. Be clear and honest about what you expect

Most plastic surgeons want to meet all of their patients’ expectations. However, this can only be achieved if patients are open about what they want. If you have a medical condition that your surgeon is unaware of, make sure to inform your surgeon. By doing so, your surgeon will find it easy to come up with the best possible medications and treatment plan for an easy and fast recovery. Being honest begins with being comfortable discussing the issues related to your surgery. Honesty during the consultation enables the surgeon to come up with a comprehensive analysis about your situation, which will help determine the most appropriate course of action to realize your expectations.

3. Go through different before and after images of breast augmentation

This is an important step that you must go through before deciding on your options for breast augmentation. It’s one of the best ways to find out whether your surgeon is up to the task of performing your surgery. By going through before and after images of your plastic surgeon’s previous augmentation surgeries, you also get to figure out what to expect from your own procedure. Take note of certain aspects that you like and make a comparison between the different options you can choose from. You can use the following tips when comparing before and after photos of breast augmentation:

• You should start with images that match the outcome that you want

• Look at breast augmentation results that suit you

• Do a thorough review of the postoperative images to see if you’ll like the results.

• Consult your surgeon about your chosen options.

The preoperative images that you browse should be similar to your case before you look at their postoperative images. Images with a similar natural anatomy and body size as yours can be helpful in finding the most suitable procedure that can give the best results.

Don’t give up if you fail to find images that match your body symmetry because you can always to a surgeon to explain what you want to achieve through the surgery. An experienced surgeon will not find it difficult to figure out the best options for you.

One fact you need to know is that even though looking at before and after images of breast augmentation can be helpful, you also need to know that people respond differently to medications. There is also a difference in anatomy that’s why it’s not advisable to be completely expectant about getting results that are identical to those portrayed in a surgeon’s online page. Our immune systems and physiological processes have certain variations and that’s why we are likely to respond differently to medications.

4. Comprehending the early and definitive results

The initial results after a breast augmentation are still subject to change, which is why it is important to wait until the final results are in. As a matter of fact the ‘after’ images you see on a surgeon’s page are normally not the final results because they are images taken after only a few weeks following breast augmentation, during follow-up appointments.

5. Your first breast augmentation procedure won’t last you forever.

This is a fact that not many people understand. After the first breast augmentation you’ll probably need additional procedures performed because implants normally don’t last forever. After quite a few years have passed, implants might start leaking leading to a shell of scar tissue to form around the implants. The other factors that could lead to another breast augmentation procedure are a change in preference, weight loss, and pregnancy.

6. Avoid some activities and exercises after surgery

Your surgeon will probably give you instructions on what to do and what to avoid after a breast augmentation surgery. For instance, exercises like cardio are not recommended right after a breast augmentation. You can, however, start doing light exercises after a few weeks. Such restrictions are in order to allow fast and successful recovery.


For a successful breast augmentation, it is recommended that you voice any concerns and share any important information with your surgeon. Ask your surgeon any question about breast augmentation in order for you to better understand what the whole process entails. Usually, the process starts with the consultation with a surgeon and finding the most suitable options for your build.

Contact any accredited medical facility the moment you are ready to take that next big step in your life. Make sure that you always see an ASPS badge from your surgeon before going through any breast augmentation procedure. Don’t be tricked by fake surgeons whose main interests are to get your money and leave you suffering from complications.

Finally, you must ensure that the decision for undergoing breast augmentation is solely yours. Do not let anyone else influence your choices because It will affect your body, and ultimately your life. For this reason, you should be the one to make the final decision.


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