Tips to get the best results with brazilian butt lift

Tips to get the best results with brazilian butt lift

05th Mar 2018

The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that can help the patient get the buttocks of her dreams in a short period of time and with minimal risks. It is commonly performed nowadays all over the United States, and when performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon it can provide spectacular results.

The recovery after the Brazilian butt lift is no longer than two weeks, and during this time the patient is advised to get enough rest and avoid intense physical activities at all costs. However, there are other tips that will help you get the best results with the Brazilian butt lift, such as:

1. Choose an experienced plastic surgeon

This is the first and one of the most important decisions that you need to make when it comes to undergoing the Brazilian butt lift. The procedure is very popular and in demand nowadays, and many plastic surgeons put it on their list of services; however, not all of them are experienced in this particular procedure. Even if the surgeon is experienced in breast augmentations, it doesn’t mean he can get you spectacular results for your Brazilian butt lift if he rarely performs the procedure at all. This means that when choosing the plastic surgeon, you will need to look for how extensive his experience is in performing exactly the type of procedure that you are interested in.

2. Follow the post-operative recommendations

To see the final results of the Brazilian butt lift can take as long as three or even six months. During the recovery period and after, the patient will need to follow the surgeon’s instructions to get the best results after the procedure. Among these instructions, the most important are not smoking, not sitting or lying on the buttocks, and wearing compression garments. If these recommendations are not followed to the letter, complications might occur and your aesthetic results might be altered. For example, sitting on the buttocks right after the procedure can cause the fat cells that were grafted into the butt to die, and this can create asymmetries and make the results unsatisfactory.

3. Be positive

It is normal to experience a certain level of anxiety and even stress, especially because the patient shouldn’t sit, lie or sleep on the back side for at least three weeks after the procedure. The first few weeks can be demanding for the patient as he gets used to the rules and the increase in butt size. Moreover, during the first months after the procedure, the butt can be bigger than expected as the plastic surgeon will inject more fat than necessary since the body will absorb a certain percentage of the fat that was transferred. Keeping a positive attitude during this time will help you get the best results with the Brazilian butt lift.

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