Top 10 plastic surgery interventions that can change how you look

Top 10 plastic surgery interventions that can change how you look

03rd Nov 2017

Just like any surgery, plastic surgery interventions come with its attendant risks and complications. It is a long process involving information gathering and specialized consultations but when all goes well as planned, it can deliver remarkable, long-term results that can considerably boost confidence and self-esteem.

Despite the turn offs, plastic surgery nowadays is going from strength to strength with demand going up. New technology and medical advancements have made the procedures safer and more versatile, with more and more choices available to help patients achieve their dreams.

Most of us have a general idea about the most commonly performed plastic surgery interventions, such as liposuction, breast augmentation, and the tummy tuck. However, there are other plastic surgery procedures that few people know of, even if they can significantly change the way you look.

What are the most popular plastic surgery interventions?

Liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, the tummy tuck and the nose job are probably the most popular plastic surgery interventions worldwide.

The modern standards of beauty have fueled a global increase in the number of plastic surgery interventions requested by patients with more than 12% growth between 2008 and 2014. A study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgery reported that 20 out of 20,000 people undergo invasive or non-invasive plastic surgery interventions to erase the signs of aging from their faces or their bodies.

While you might be familiar with some plastic surgery interventions that are in demand nowadays, others might come as a complete surprise to you:

1. The liposculpture of the legs

This procedure is a type of liposuction performed in the legs to remove the fat deposits at the calves and knees. While eliminating the unwanted fats, the plastic surgeon can then reshape and resculpt the legs according to the aesthetic desires and goals of patient.

The success of this intervention depends on the anatomy of the patient. If the calves have well-developed muscular tissue, the liposuction may not be very effective as the size of the calves is more muscles than fat tissue. Keep in mind that liposuction can only be performed in areas with localized fat deposits.

2. The extended tummy tuck

A complete tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck or an extended tummy tuck are surgical procedures that can remove excess fats and skin in the abdominal area. The extended tummy tuck can considerably deliver impressive results because not only does it remove loose skin and tissue from the abdomen, but also the surrounding areas.

3. Gynecomastia

A procedure that reduces the size of the breasts in male patients, gynecomastia is the only effective method to get a manly looking chest in just a few hours. The causes of gynecomastia are diverse and some men experience this issue even from an early age. The good news is that the gynecomastia procedure is now widely available. Just make sure to select an experienced plastic surgeon to perform the surgery.

4. Breast augmentation with implants

If there is a procedure that can significantly change and improve a woman’s appearance, then this would be the breast augmentation with silicone implants. Immediately after the procedure is performed, the patient will notice the increase in the size of the breasts, even if the final results will take more time to be visible.

5. Buttock augmentation with implants

Just like with breast augmentation with implants, the marked improvement in the patient’s shape and form will be immediately noticeable after the procedure. After the buttock augmentation with silicone implants surgery, your butt will look fuller, rounder and with a perky and saucy projection.

6. The arms lift

This procedure has an impressive ability to erase the aging signs off the area treated. The fat deposits and loose skin will be eliminated from the upper arms, up to the elbow. The patient will enjoy having toned, youthful looking arms after the surgery.

7. The Hourglass tummy tuck

Very different from the traditional tummy tuck, the hourglass tummy tuck will improve the appearance of your midline producing the most desirable feminine body shape: the hourglass figure. In an hourglass tummy tuck, the abdominoplasty will be combined with liposuction on the flanks to accentuate the curves and create a nicely shaped S curved body profile for the patient, as well as a flat and firm abdomen. The traditional tummy tuck is well known for its ability to create a flat abdomen, but also the SpongeBob square pants body shape with no curves. This epic fail of the traditional abdominoplasty can be averted when choosing the Hourglass tummy tuck.

8. Body lift procedures

Usually, the body lift procedures are recommended for patients who went through bariatric surgery or came out of a major weight loss program. The body lift intervention completes the radical weight loss process by removing the excess and sagging skin and remodeling the shape of the body. It is an intervention that can be performed in one session or more, depending on the needs of the patient and the amount of skin and tissue to be removed. New mothers can also be good patients for body lift procedures, especially if they had multiple pregnancies and experienced major weight fluctuations.

9. Liposuction

While it is probably the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure, liposuction can have a great impact on your body and can definitely change the way you look. A good candidate must have good skin elasticity and muscle tone so the skin can properly and swiftly retract and meld into the new contours of the body achieved after liposuction. Liposuction is a body contouring and sculpting procedure that can also give you a nice hourglass shape, if your anatomy allows it. There is no age limit for liposuction, and it can be performed on both male and female patients.

10. The breast reduction procedure

Overly large breasts can be problematic, especially for a woman with a petite frame. The overdevelopment of the mammary gland can lead to excessively large breasts and a disproportionate figure for the patient. After the breast reduction procedure, the patient will notice the change in appearance immediately. Other conditions will be alleviated too such as the back, neck and shoulder pain that are commonly associated with having huge breasts.

Pre- operative indications

Before any type of plastic surgery, you will be required to have a consultation with the plastic surgeon you have chosen to perform the procedure. During the pre- operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will be asking important questions like your reasons for undergoing surgery and your desires and expectations from the surgery.

As a standard protocol, he will also do the following:

– Evaluate your medical condition and assess your body anatomy and skin quality

– Note the contour of the body and its proportions

– Take several photos of the regions of the body that will be corrected with plastic surgery

– Take thorough measurements on the areas that will be targeted

– Recommend lab works and other pertinent medical tests for the patient to take before undergoing surgery

– Advise the patient to quit smoking for at least two weeks before and after the surgery

– Meticulously discuss and explain details about the recommended therapeutic plan, the post- operative and recovery process and the potential risks and complications.


By definition, plastic surgery means any procedure that requires the reconstruction or modification of the form and shape of a certain part of the body for treatment or aesthetic purposes. The term comes from the Greek word “plastikos”, and by its definition, refers to the contouring or changing of the shape, embracing the essence of this surgical specialization such as sculpting, modeling, reconstructing.

Plastic surgery is a highly specialized surgery that targets both men and women. The necessity for corrective surgery is not uncommon and, in most cases, justified. To be able to perform plastic surgery, the surgeon does not only need the proper medical degree and wealth of experience and training but also an intimate and clear understanding of the personality of the patient. Behind a patient’s goals and desires are her expectations and definition of the “beauty” she yearns for. The plastic surgeon needs to understand what the patient is looking for and to be able to explain what plastic surgery can offer, all the while teaching the patient to look at herself with different eyes and learning to appreciate her natural, physical assets.

The gratification, well-being and significant transformation that plastic surgery can deliver cannot be stressed enough. When performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, it has the power to change lives and improve quality of life.

Some plastic surgery interventions can be performed for corrective purposes, while others can completely change and improve the appearance of the patients. Liposuction, breast and buttocks augmentation, the extended tummy tuck, the hourglass tummy tuck and the body lift procedures are some of the plastic surgery procedures that can dramatically change the way you look.

To find out which one of these procedures can help you enhance your appearance, contact your plastic surgeon for a consultation.

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