Top 5 advantages of having a butt enhancement procedure

Top 5 advantages of having a butt enhancement procedure

20th Feb 2018

The butt augmentation procedure is performed in many ways, one of which is with the use of butt implants filled with silicone gel that come in different shapes and volumes. By using butt implants, the plastic surgeon can significantly improve and change the shape of the buttocks. If you are considering this procedure, keep in mind that plastic surgery can help you increase the size of your butt and deliver a new and enhanced volume. In some cases, the surgeon will also need to correct and restore the symmetry of the butt cheeks that developed flaws and imperfections caused by trauma, medical conditions or massive weight fluctuations. Butt augmentation can then be combined with buttock recontouring or butt lift procedures for more optimal results.

The top 5 advantages of undergoing a butt enhancement procedure:

1. A practically invisible scar for nonpareil results

The butt enhancement procedures involve an augmentation or lift of the buttocks with the help of silicone implants, fat transfer and excision of the surplus skin tissue to create a shapelier, more feminine and aesthetically appealing shape. Since the incisions are often made in between the butt cheeks or on top of the buttocks where the butt cheeks meet the thighs, the resulting scars are completely masked in the natural folds of the body. In other words, the scar is invisible to the naked eye and even the mirrors in your own home. This way you can enjoy a rounder, firmer and perkier derriere sans the unsightly scars.

2. Getting a firmer and rounder buttock

Who doesn’t dream of having a well-contoured silhouette and impressive curves? It is every woman’s secret dream whether they admit it or not. That said, plastic surgery is probably one of the, if not the most efficient and masterful solution that can give you the shapely butt lionized by many and the gorgeous body to die for. One of the benefits of the butt enhancement procedures is that it can deliver rounder, shapelier and firmer buttocks that can give you deliciously youthful curves that look great in any type of clothes. Why not if solutions are available? There is no shame in wanting curvaceous buttocks that can help you achieve the hourglass silhouette of your dreams. There have been many studies that explain the positive impacts of a successful plastic surgery on a person’s self esteem, body image and overall enjoyment of life.

3. The intervention is short, no longer than three hours

Have you ever thought that you could get the butt of your dreams in just a few hours? Some of you may have resorted to a variety of diets, signed up for all types of workouts and exercise classes, tried organic and herbal products and supplements that trumpets a natural way of losing weight and getting in shape and it was all for naught and a waste of time, money and effort. There is a faster and more effectual way. The silicone butt implant surgery lasts for just under three hours and provides exceptional and immediate results that can’t really be compared with other butt enhancement methods. In less than two hours, your appearance will dramatically improve as the results are visible immediately after surgery.

4. Fast recovery with sustainable results in time

Not to be compared to less invasive plastic surgery methods such as the fat transfer to the buttocks, recovery from this procedure is quite swift considering it is a complex and delicate procedure. The results are long lasting if the patient is willing to strictly follow the post- operative instructions of the plastic surgeon. Wearing the girdle is mandatory after the buttock enhancement if you want impeccable results after the procedure. Just like in any surgery, the results are not guaranteed and there are no absolutes even with a highly trained surgeon performing the procedure. Final results and success can be determined after the healing and recovery process is done. Avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol and sun exposure as these can impair healing and adversely affect appearance of scars.

5. More options for clothing

Probably, you just have a few pair of jeans or a dress that you especially like because it looks good on your buttocks. After a butt enhancement procedure, you can wear just about any style or cut and you will look great in all. If before, you had to be selective with your choices and stick to the tried and tested, with your new and greatly enhanced shape, you can afford to experiment and be more daring and adventurous in your fashion choices.

The buttock is an important feature of the body. It is the ultimate icon of femininity since time immemorial. When the buttocks are flat or too small or boyishly boxy, it is very difficult to hide it with clothing. The breasts are a bit easier because there are padded and push up bras to the rescue. For the buttocks, it is different. If the buttocks do not have an appealing shape, it is almost impossible to disguise it with clothing, not to mention lingerie or swimwear. True, in recent years, clothing manufacturers came out with the so-called butt enhancers like silicone-filled shapewear, padded panties and girdles but it can only do so much and it is temporary. With a buttock enhancement procedure, you have long lasting results that gives you the freedom and flexibility to dare to wear and bare.


A buttock enhancement procedure is highly popular among women who want to have a shapelier, rounder and perkier butt and this has been a strong motivator for going under the knife. Many have tried, without significant success, to improve the shape of the buttocks by doing all types of physical exercises, multiple diets, losing weight, gaining weight, but alas, all for naught really. The shape and size of the buttocks can only be dramatically changed with the help of plastic surgery.

The buttock enhancement procedures can offer a fast and indubitably efficient solution to buttock issues. In a matter of hours, it can deliver visibly dramatic results in size and volume of buttocks. Of course, final results can only be fully appreciated after full recovery. These surgical interventions can achieve truly exceptional results and create enviable curves where needed. Aside from the impressive physical benefits, a butt implant surgery provides a multitude of psychological benefits like greater self-esteem, healthier body image, and enhanced quality of life.

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