Top 5 complaints from women with overly large breasts

Top 5 complaints from women with overly large breasts

27th Nov 2018

Women who have excessively large breasts are not always very happy, despite what people might believe. It is not always a blessing for your breasts to be noticed even before you properly enter a room, especially if you are not working in the entertainment industry. For a stay-at-home mom or the professional woman working in an office meeting clients all day long, overly large breasts can be a real impediment.

It is a known fact that the way we look can significantly impact how we feel about ourselves and the choices that we make daily. Feeling like you lack in the aesthetics department due to overly large breasts can impact your choice of partners and even jobs.

While there are lots of women out there who are interested in increasing the size of their breasts, there are also many women complaining due to the excessive size of their breasts.

Top 5 complaints of women with big breasts

The desire to reduce the size of the breasts can be motivated by social, medical or emotional reasons. In many cases, for these patients plastic surgery is the only available option that can provide relief from discomfort. The main issues of women confronted with overweight breasts are related to clothing and the constant discomfort they are experiencing.

1. Difficulty finding clothing that suits body shape and offers support for the breasts

A vast majority of the lingerie items we see nowadays have either a push-up effect or are made of lace entirely. Neither of these options are suitable for women with overly large breasts. It seems like lingerie mostly targets women with small or moderate breast sizes, and there is not much to cater for women more gifted by Mother Nature. Bras that don’t have the breast augmentation effect lack the support necessary for large breasts and also accentuate the sagginess of the breasts.

A visit to the lingerie shop can be quite a traumatizing experience for a woman with bigger breasts as she will notice that there is little to choose from, the designs are not overly appealing, and the prices are usually higher.

The reality is that many women with excessive breasts end up wearing sports bras instead of beautiful lingerie due to this exact problem. Even lingerie manufacturers that focus entirely on overly large breasts can’t provide much in terms of sexy designs for bras with big cup sizes. But the reality is that is almost impossible to have a bra for an E cup that is delicate and offers good support for the breasts at the same time. To be able to sustain the breasts, the bras need to have wider straps and bands and also cover the breasts completely or at least three quarters. A balconette bra for overly large breasts can prove to be quite ineffective as the breasts will sit there like eggs on a carton and jump off the bra when running or performing different activities.

Things are not much better when it comes to clothing either. Many women with overly large breasts complain that are never able to wear nice shirts to work because their size won’t fit their breasts, and the size that will fit them are almost always oversized.

2. Risk of getting unwanted attention

While women with naturally large breasts are often the focus of envy, choosing a blouse or a dress can prove to be quite a challenge where there is a lack of harmony of proportions. They always get unwanted attention when all they are trying to do is be comfortable. The same blouse that looks decent and pretty on your friend will look quite provocative on you.

3. Dealing with dermatological conditions

The tight and wide straps of the bra leave marks on the skin and unaesthetic redness in the area. At the same time, the skin under the breasts on the inframammary fold often get irritated due to the permanent contact of skin on skin and constant perspiration in the area.

4. Having to wear a bra practically non-stop

If women with small or moderate breasts can enjoy a braless day from time to time and they often remove the bra when inside the house, for a woman with overly large breasts it can be quite a struggle to function properly without wearing a bra. There are women who feel so uncomfortable when not wearing a supportive bra that they choose to even sleep with one on.

5. Dealing with constant back pain

Overly large breasts can cause pain on the back, neck, and shoulders. The weight of the breasts puts a lot of pressure on the spine and can even cause spine deformities if not corrected. There is not much relief from the pain and discomfort when it comes to overly large breasts, and it doesn’t come with removing the bra.


Big breasts are a dream for many women. At the same time they are also a nightmare for women confronted with overly large breasts. Fortunately today, plastic surgery offers methods to correct the size of the breasts to be more proportionate with the rest of the body. Among the most common complaints of women with excessively large breasts are difficulty finding suitable and nice clothing and lingerie that will fit properly and having to wear a supportive bra almost around the clock. Dealing with unwanted attention while also suffering from constant back, neck and shoulder pain can also be troublesome for women with big breasts. The dermatological conditions that often occur on the inframammary fold can be fixed once breast reduction surgery is performed.

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