Top 5 false myths about the brazilian butt lift

Top 5 false myths about the brazilian butt lift

02nd Feb 2018

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is a plastic surgery intervention that transfers fats from other parts of the patient’s body into their buttocks to increase the size and projection of the butt.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has been on the rise, and it has outpaced a number of plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States. Plastic surgery is a field, which has always been surrounded by myths since the 80s. It is important for anyone planning to undergo a Brazilian butt lift procedure to understand and get the facts right about this procedure. Don’t make any decision based on the myths, instead consult your plastic surgeon about this procedure.

There is a lot of misinformation about Brazilian butt lift on the Internet and other sources of information. To get the right one about this procedure, you should talk to a board certified plastic surgeon to find out whether you can be a good fit for Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Let’s now find out some of the myths surrounding this plastic surgery procedure. Here are the most common myths about Brazilian butt lift procedure you are likely to encounter.

Myth #1: Extraction of fats from parts of the body will leave loose and sagging skin

Extraction of fats from thighs, hips and any part of the body will not leave loose and sagging skin. This only happens after excessive weight loss and pregnancy but not after liposuction. Any person planning to undergo Brazilian butt lift should ensure that the plastic surgeon is experienced and board certified. For better results, patients should discontinue using medication such as aspirin and herbal supplements months before undergoing this surgery. Consult your plastic surgeon so that you will understand what to avoid months before a Brazilian butt lift.

Myth# 2. You can get a butt, which can rival celebrities such as Nicki and Kim Kardashian

Brazilian butt lift surgery should be done for aesthetic purposes but not to attain perfection. Anyone planning to undergo a Brazilian butt lift should first have realistic goals, because experienced plastic surgeons normally will advise their patients to avoid undergoing any plastic surgery procedure to get a perfect result. It is very important to go under the knife with realistic expectations.

Myth#3 Gaining weight before Brazilian Butt lift surgery will give better results

It is always important to go under the knife while you have your ideal body weight. In fact plastic surgeons recommend that anyone planning to undergo any plastic surgery procedure should be healthy and at their ideal weight. Gaining weight will just increase the size of fat cells temporarily. Patients who gain about 10 pounds before going under the knife will probably lose that weight after Brazilian butt lift and their buttocks will go back to the original size.

Myth # 4: This procedure cannot be performed on patients who are thin or small

This is obviously false. Thin or small patients may still undergo Brazilian butt lift procedure. To perform Brazilian butt lift procedure, plastic surgeons normally extract fats from the thighs, waistline or other parts of the body and inject the fat in buttocks to increase the size and projection of the butts. If a patient does not have enough fats then it’s obvious a full Brazilian butt lift won’t be done. Instead, the plastic surgeon will have to use a different technique like using a soft silicone implant as a substitute so the patient will achieve desired results. Thin, small patients or anybody should not be discouraged to undergo Brazilian butt lift surgery because of the myths that surround this surgical procedure.

Patients who undergo Brazilian butt lift procedure do not only end up with large bottoms but also an improved body proportion and general figure. It also enables the patients achieve a youthful and young appearance. Compared to other butt enlargement procedures, Brazilian butt lift gives better results, which are long lasting. The results from Brazilian butt lift also look more natural than results from butt augmentation using implants.


A board certified plastic surgeon can help patients understand the basics of this procedure and what it can offer. It is also very important for Brazilian butt lift procedure patients to be patient and follow the post-operative instructions provided by their plastic surgeon. To reduce chances of experiencing complications, Brazilian butt lift patients should only allow board certified plastic surgeon to advise and help them achieve their desired results.

Patients should also understand that just like other plastic surgery procedures, Brazilian butt lift procedure also comes with risks and complications. Such patients should ask their plastic surgeons about possible complications and risks associated with this procedure.

Many women cherish to achieve an attractive derriere, especially those with small bottoms. It is important to consult an experienced plastic surgeon before going under the knife. Maintain an open and honest communication with your plastic surgeon to help him or her determine the best technique that can be used to help you achieve the desired results.

Always ask your plastic surgeon whatever question you feel like asking. These questions are meant to help you make the right decision as you plan to undergo a Brazilian butt lift.

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