Top 5 plastic surgery myths: busted

Top 5 plastic surgery myths: busted

19th Feb 2017

Elegance, delicacy, strength, refinement are the poetic and visually evocative words often used to define femininity. The concept of femininity has evolved over time and is greatly influenced by changing cultural standards. The common thread that binds is that we typically associate femininity with beauty. It is not uncommon to meet patients who turn to plastic surgery to attain their ideal beauty goals or to feel good about themselves and boost self- esteem.

The number of plastic surgery interventions performed every day is testament to the global popularity and the astonishing and steady growth of plastic surgery. Be that as it may, there are people who still believe in myths about plastic surgery interventions that are mostly born out of misconceptions, by and large anecdotal in nature and oftentimes brandished and peddled as truths by media. Unwittingly, it can color our view and could turn us off plastic surgery interventions.

This article focuses on the five common plastic surgery myths and why it is nothing but a myth.

Myth 1:

Plastic surgery is only performed for aesthetic purposes

Of course, an important part of all plastic surgery interventions are performed to improve certain body or facial characteristics of the patient, but not all of them. Plastic surgery is also commonly performed for functional reasons. Eyelid surgery, nose surgery, the tummy tuck as well as the breast reduction procedures are just a few examples of interventions that aim to restore the functional aspect of the body features corrected with surgery.

Plastic surgery is also performed for reconstructive purposes. After mastectomy, the plastic surgeon can reconstruct the patient’s breast, which goes a long way in helping her feel normal and whole after a traumatizing cancer experience that ended with the removal of one or both breasts, the ultimate symbol of womanhood since time immemorial.

Myth 2:

Plastic surgery is very expensive

We think things are cheap or expensive when compared to other things. One car can be more expensive than the other, the rent in a central part of the city is more expensive than in another location and so on. But when it comes to plastic surgery, what can we compare it to? Getting a new car? Refurbishing the kitchen? What would be the apples to apples comparison?

The truth is plastic surgery is more affordable now than it has ever been before. People from all types of socio- economic backgrounds can have plastic surgery without having to struggle with the costs. There are more payment options available so unlike before, it will not take years to save before you can turn dreams into reality.

Studies show that one of the beneficial effects of plastic surgery is an improved quality of life. Attractive people tend to be associated with success and professional growth. Plastic surgery can dramatically improve your appearance, which translates into a boost in confidence and higher self-esteem. It could very well be the galvanizing jump-start that can turn your social life around, advance your career, and promote emotional wellbeing. In the end, the cost of plastic surgery might be negligible compared to the benefits.

Myth 3:

Anybody can undergo a plastic surgery intervention

We have heard this one so many times! It is incredible how people still believe that plastic surgery is just like getting a facial: anybody can do it, they just have to wish for it. Au contraire, the reality is different. You must meet the eligibility criteria before you can have plastic surgery. People with severe and chronic health conditions are not suitable candidates for plastic surgery procedures. Patients with emotional issues are also not ideal candidates for plastic surgery. In a nutshell, just because you want it doesn’t mean you will get it. The plastic surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate for a plastic surgery procedure after a complete and thorough medical examination, which takes into account your family medical history and past and present illness.

Myth 4:

When considering plastic surgery, the surgeon is not as important as the materials used during the procedure

This myth can lead many people astray and they may end up having plastic surgery interventions in hotel rooms or even in nice facilities but performed by people with no credentials. This is so wrong, not to mention alarming! First of all, you put your life in danger when you do not apply due diligence in choosing your plastic surgeon. An experienced plastic surgeon can make all the difference in determining the outcomes and results of the intervention. With a board-certified and skillful plastic surgeon you have the assurance that you will get what you have asked for. True, the quality of the breast or buttock implants is essential to the successful outcomes of the intervention and can ensure the durability of the results, but it cannot compensate for the lack of experience of the surgeon performing the procedure.

Myth 5:

The changes created by plastic surgery are permanent

There are people looking to undergo a tummy tuck and believing that the results of the intervention will last for a lifetime, whatever they will do. This means that they can eat whenever, whatever they like, never exercise and still their tummy will always look flat and firm, just like it did after the intervention. This is not possible and there is no plastic surgery intervention that can provide permanent and unchangeable results without the necessary lifestyle changes a patient must follow to maintain and sustain the surgically enhanced outcomes.

A responsible plastic surgeon will advise you what to do to maintain the results of your surgery and make it last longer.


Indeed, there are many false myths about plastic surgery interventions. Some of them have been accepted as truths. Some of them are even espoused by patients who were not properly informed before the procedures. Some of them are even encouraged by unscrupulous plastic surgeons looking to make easy money. Gathering as much information and doing due diligence in order to make an informed and educated decision about plastic surgery interventions is very important to ensure our safety and wellbeing. .

Our strong recommendation is to research properly and know everything you need to know about the procedure you are contemplating, to choose a board certified and experienced surgeon, and to thoroughly check out the medical facility where the procedure will be performed.

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