Top plastic surgery procedures for men

Top plastic surgery procedures for men

19th Jul 2019

Top plastic surgery procedures for men



Beauty is no longer the prerogative of women, and nowadays men are also striving to look their best. When mother nature is not overly generous with one’s physical appearance or when the appearance has been altered by unhealthy lifestyle choices, men have the possibility of choosing plastic surgery to get rid of imperfections of the body and face and enhance certain features. In the past, plastic surgery aiming to correct the appearance of the nose and ears were the most commonly performed on male patients. Nowadays, there are different procedures that men resort to in their desire to have a youthful or manlier appearance. Also, it is more common nowadays for men to resort early in life to plastic surgery to correct imperfections that could otherwise have an impact on their quality of life, such as enlarged breasts.

In this article, we will discuss the desire for beauty in men and top plastic surgery procedures performed on male patients.


The desire to be beautiful 

Multiple studies have shown over the years that men and women who look beautiful are more likely to succeed in different fields of life, including professional. But aside from the desire to be successful, there are also other reasons driving men to resort to plastic surgery.


The desire to look younger

Age affects us in different ways. Generally speaking, women will show the signs of aging earlier in life compared to men, but there are so many factors at play here that we can’t make this a generalization. Men can show the signs of aging earlier or later in life depending on their lifestyle habits (smoking, diets, level of hydration, among others), exercising habits, genetic predisposition, work conditions, and others. For example, a man who is constantly exposed to external factors such as wind or sun more often can show the signs of aging earlier. 

Nowadays men can resort to plastic surgery to get rid of these signs of aging that can be present on the face and the body. Signs of aging on the body can be saggy skin on the abdomen and the arms, unaesthetic adipose pockets localized on the midline, among others. 

The desire to look younger and fitter can come as a result of the patient wanting to pursue a new relationship with a younger woman, or because small children occurred at a late age and these are just some of the reasons behind the desire to be beautiful and look younger.


The desire to eliminate aesthetic imperfections

A decade or more ago, a man with an overly big nose, a fat tummy or abnormal ears would have been considered normal. Nowadays severe and visible aesthetic imperfections can trigger bullying and significantly affect the quality of life of the patient. This is the reason why many men resort to plastic surgery. The imperfections of the body that are often bothering men are related to the feminine appearance of the breasts and adipose deposits on the midline and tummy. 

Feminine looking breasts can be a result of different factors, including certain medication or a hormonal imbalance. Unfortunately, when the mammary gland develops in excess, there is no other method to treat the condition aside from undergoing plastic surgery. The procedure is called gynecomastia and is often performed in less than two hours with a recovery period of one or two weeks.


Top plastic surgery procedures for men

Up until a few years ago, undergoing plastic surgery was taboo even for women. Nowadays there is no secret that men and women alike resort to plastic surgery with different motivations in mind. There is no shortage of male celebrities that have had plastic surgery to look younger, fitter or more beautiful and have inspired many others to follow in their footsteps. 

Here are some of the most wanted plastic surgery procedures for men:


  1.   Liposuction

Liposuction is probably one of the most performed plastic surgery procedures in the world, preferred by both men and women. The procedure allows an amazing remodeling of the body, can be performed in less than an hour, and has a recovery period ranging from a few days to a week. Considering just these details, it becomes obvious why so many people resort to it. 

Liposuction is a great tool to use when confronted with unwanted fat deposits localized in specific areas of the body such as the flanks or the abdomen. Abdominal liposuction is probably one of the most frequently performed types of liposuction procedures. There are different methods that can be used when performing liposuction such as dry liposuction, laser-assisted liposuction, ultrasound assisted liposuction, and so on. Tumescent liposuction is preferred and recommended by many experienced plastic surgeons nowadays as it reduces the swelling and pain after the procedure and also the risk of excessive bleeding during the procedure. The procedure entails injecting a considerable quantity of liquid with anesthetic in the areas to be treated with the procedure. This makes it easier for the plastic surgeon to dislodge and liquify the fat and reduces the pain. Liposuction can be performed with the patient under general anesthetic if the areas to be treated are extensive, but also local anesthetic with IV sedation for less complex cases. 

The hospitalization after liposuction is often no longer than a few hours and the patient is advised to recover at home for a few more days or up to a week. Intense physical activities are to be avoided for at least a month after the procedure to allow for a smooth and uneventful healing process. 


  1.   Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the procedure performed with the aim of reducing the excessive size of the breasts in male patients. The surgical plan followed is similar to a breast reduction in women. This means that the plastic surgeon will target the excision of a part of the mammary gland, aside from the skin and fat tissue that are in excess. In some cases when excessively large breasts also have a considerable layer of fat, the plastic surgeon will recommend combining liposuction with gynecomastia to achieve superior results and a more masculine chest. The procedure can be performed on men of different ages, and it boasts spectacular results. Patients can enjoy a more masculine appearance of the body when the final results transpire in a few months. However, it can take longer for the incisions to heal completely and mature. 

The recovery process after a complex case of gynecomastia often takes no longer than ten days, and after this time the patient can return to work and resume most daily activities, aside from sports and intense physical exercises.


  1.   Butt implant surgery

Nowadays it is no longer only women who desire to have a sexier and more appealing butt. Butt implant surgery can be performed on men who have small buttocks compared to the rest of their anatomy. The procedure entails the use of silicone implants that are positioned inside or under the gluteal muscles to add more volume to the buttocks. The procedure is safe and entails a recovery period of about three weeks, during which the patient is advised to avoid sitting on the buttocks or lying on the back. Butt implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and the results are stable and final after approximately six months. 



The desire to be beautiful and admired is more and more predominant in men nowadays. The modern standards of beauty present us a man with a very masculine silhouette, but with delicate features, no adipose deposits, a six pack and a manly chest. 

To get the body they have always dreamt of or to correct physical imperfections that affect their quality of life, men can resort to plastic surgery. Most plastic surgery procedures performed on women are also suitable for men, with certain adaptations. However, the top plastic surgery procedures on the body targeting male patients are liposuction, gynecomastia, and butt implant surgery. Patients who have suffered considerable weight loss can also resort to procedures such as the tummy tuck and body lifting procedures.

Resorting to plastic surgery can make male patients look younger, more masculine and give them a boost of self-esteem that could help them become more successful in different fields of their lives. 

When considering undergoing plastic surgery, male patients are advised to seek the medical expertise of a well-versed, board-certified plastic surgeon. 

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