Top Things to Note Regarding Body Lift in Houston

Top Things to Note Regarding Body Lift in Houston

10th Mar 2013

Body Lift in Houston

There are things in life that may come your way despite your utter disinclination to them. Some of them come because of your own doing, others because they are the natural order of things. For instance, these unwelcome changes may come to your life after pregnancy, major weight loss or perhaps due to aging – in other words, your body may be having saggy or inelastic skin, accumulating excess skin and fat, and consequently appearing in bad shape or form. These physique issues can be improved through a surgical procedure termed as body lift or belt lipectomy. Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Wilberto G. Cortés has performed, with precision and artistic touch, this surgery numerous times.

A belt lipectomy procedure involves reshaping specifically of the mid-body contour – meaning: the lower torso, including the upper legs, inner/outer thighs, buttocks, hips, waist, and abdomen. The primary goal of Dr. Cortés is to remove loose skin and fat deposits around your mid-body contour in order to improve unsightly and sagging portions. This results to a more proportioned body and in bringing back its natural shape and firmness. The surgery involves creating incisions to creases around your problematic body areas. After setting up proper incisions, extra skin and fat deposits are then removed from the body. This is why the chosen surgeon should indeed be precise and creative in effecting your specific aesthetic goals.

A well-shaped body contour means a boost to your youthful appearance and self-esteem. Using general anesthesia, the whole body lift surgery is performed within 3 to 7 hours. There will likely be swelling after surgery, but bandages will be applied to minimize it and as well as to provide body support. The surgery will also come with scars after, but Dr. Cortés will see to it that they are carefully placed in and around the creases to minimize visibility. Thus, it is crucial that you follow the post-surgery instructions of Dr. Cortés so you can heal safely and go back to your daily routine fast. Upon visiting the clinic of Dr. Cortés in Houston, keep in mind that you and the surgeon are a team in achieving your ideal body form.

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