Traditional butt lift procedure

Traditional butt lift procedure

09th Nov 2015

The traditional butt lift is a method where excess flabby skin around the butt is removed to give a better shape to the butt. This technique is often done for those who have lost weight and feel their buttocks lack shape or who wish to improve the appearance of their backsides. The buttock lift is envisioned to create tighter and more attractive buttocks with improved contours.

For a butt lift, a cut is placed low on the back, just above the buttocks. Fat is usually scarce in these patients because of their weight loss, and is typically not removed, but transposed by various methods to improve the look of the butt. The scars are hidden by underwear and bikini swimwear and usually heal well.

There are two ways of doing a butt lift. The first way is by direct incision in the skin. The perfect candidate for this procedure is an individual with excess skin and flaccidity along the buttocks. Patients that require this type of process have undergone immense weight loss. This body contouring method remove sexcess skin and fat left behind from the expansion of skin due to fat loss and lack of tissue elasticity.

The second approach to the butt lift is by fat injection. If the amount of flabbiness and excess skin ranges from mild to moderate and the patient has extra fat in other areas, fat injection can be used to fill deficit areas. Whenever the buttocks lose their shape, injecting fat into the inferior gluteal fold and areas around the butt will create the illusion of a better and lifted rear.

The doctor will assess the amount of skin and fat in the buttocks and decide which type of butt lift is the most apt for the patient. Dr. Cortés first examines the patient and then suggests the type of procedure appropriate for the patient. Many patients have benefited from the treatment they have received from Dr. Cortés at his state-of-the-art facility located in Houston, Texas. For further clarifications about the procedure, visit the site localhost/babygotbutt.

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