Traditional butt lift vs. brazilian butt lift

Traditional butt lift vs. brazilian butt lift

18th Jan 2014

When the hot weather rolls around, we all start thinking about the shape our bodies are in more and more. But having a great looking backside isn’t just good to have for bikinis and shorts – it looks great all year round! Whether in jeans or dresses, pencil skirts or pants, a great looking bottom can change the way your entire figure looks! But when considering having a butt-lift procedure done, you may want to consider a Brazilian Lift as well – so what’s the difference? And how do you know which is right for you and your body?

The Procedures

In a traditional butt-lift procedure, the butt is actually physically ‘lifted’ by your surgeon. An incision is made in a certain place depending on the type of lift you will have – there are Upper Lifts, Lateral Lifts, Butterfly Lifts or Lower Buttock Lifts. This of course depends on your desired results, and where you need the lifting done – where there is sagginess and excess skin. The skin is tightened and excess is used to attach this new position to bone or deep tissue inside. The result is a smaller and firmer backside with no sagging or excess skin.

A Brazilian Buttock Lift, on the other hand is a completely different procedure altogether. Although it’s called a butt ‘lift’, nothing is actually lifted up as in a traditional butt lift. During this procedure, fat cells are taken from another area of the body where excess fat is available with liposuction. The fat is then injected into the buttocks to give it a rounder, firmer shape, and sometimes fat is also put into the hips if desired to increase curviness and match the new shape of the buttocks. The butt does get a slight lift from its rounder shape, but a Brazilian will not get rid of sagginess or excess skin.

What’s Best For You?

The bottom line is usually that if you have sagging or excess skin in the buttock area from weight loss or just from the aging process, a traditional butt lift will be necessary to firm your backside. If however, you simply want your buttocks to be rounder and slightly lifted, you can go for a Brazilian Butt Lift and save yourself some scarring.

Of course the best way to discover what’s good for your body is to discuss it with your doctor. They will go over all the steps of the procedures and what results you can expect from both. Either way, it is possible to get a great looking posterior, no matter what your goals!

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