Traditional Butt Lift vs. Brazilian Butt Lift

Traditional Butt Lift vs. Brazilian Butt Lift

13th Mar 2014

If you’re considering a procedure to tighten your bottom and allow you to finally feel more confident wearing those amazing jeans or that bikini, then you may have heard of two types of butt lifts, the traditional butt lift and the Brazilian butt lift.

Knowing which one you will need is really a matter of what sort of shape your body is in and what you hope to accomplish.


A traditional butt lift involves an incision being made to pull the skin on the buttocks taut and achieve a toned, smooth look. This type of procedure is best for people with loose or saggy skin, as could be the case if you’ve recently lost a good deal of weight or are just experiencing the effects of aging.

A Brazilian butt lift, on the other hand, is a much simpler and shorter procedure in which the buttocks are reshaped along with the ‘’muffin top’’ portion of the lower abdominals and back. A Brazilian lift is best for those at a normal body weight with no excess skin and minimal sagging who just want a formed, shapelier look to their bottom.

Whichever procedure you decide on, be sure to discuss it thoroughly with your surgeon. A good idea is to bring in some before and after pictures (which can be found online with a simple search) that you admire — people with bodies similar to yours. This will not only give your surgeon a better idea of which procedure to use, but will allow you to get an idea of what you would like to achieve.

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