Treatment options for breasts that lack symmetry

Treatment options for breasts that lack symmetry

11th Jun 2019

Treatment options for breasts that lack symmetry


When it comes to the appearance of the breasts, most women discover even from their teen years that their breasts are not perfectly symmetrical. The asymmetry of the breasts can be in terms of volume, shape or position. Plastic surgery offers different treatment options for breasts that lack symmetry, depending on the anatomical characteristics of the patient and the aesthetic goals she wants to achieve. Here are treatment options for breasts asymmetries:


–    Breast augmentation with implants

Implants are often used to correct asymmetries in women who have breasts that are not sufficiently developed or proportionate to the rest of their anatomy. If the asymmetry is severe, the volume of the implants will be different to correct it. The plastic surgeon will perform exact measurements and recommend the type and size of implants to be used to have this aesthetic imperfection corrected.

–    Breast lipofilling

Fat grafting to the breasts is mostly recommended for patients who suffer from minor asymmetries and would like to enhance the shape of the breasts while correcting the lack of symmetry. The plastic surgeon will collect fat from areas with an excess of adipose tissue with the help of liposuction, process the fat and use the healthy, pure fat cells for transfer into the breasts. This way we can improve the shape and even the size of the breasts, correcting minor asymmetries. This procedure is not recommended to correct severe volume asymmetries as there is just a limited amount of fat that can be transferred to the breasts in just one session. If too much fat is transferred all at once, it can die and be reabsorbed into the body or create granulomas.

–    Breast reduction

Breast reduction is another treatment option for breasts that lack symmetry. The procedure is the exact opposite of breast augmentation, and it entails the removal of a part of the mammary gland (different for each breast) to make them more symmetric. The procedure is recommended for patients with overly large breasts also confronted with asymmetry. Breast reduction should only be performed by a talented and experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon as it is a delicate and complex procedure, especially when asymmetries need to be corrected and the amount of mammary tissue to be excised is considerable.

–    Breast lift

The breast lift is a good option for women who have had multiple pregnancies and are left with asymmetries caused by preponderantly breastfeeding from one breast. This happens more often than you might think and the asymmetry that can occur can be quite visible, not to mention that the sagginess of the breasts due to the changes that occur during pregnancy can also be a struggle for the woman. The breast lift entails the re-centering of the mammary gland and the removal of the excess skin tissue in the breasts.


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