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18th Oct 2018

There is a huge misconception on what the goal of a tummy tuck is. People have this impression that to have a tummy tuck, you need have to have an enlarged abdomen or a big belly. This is not true. To determine if you need a tummy tuck, we need to take a look at the skin tone and the excess skin. Many times, women do have an enlarged abdomen due to excess weight or extra baby fat. Other women appear to have a flat abdomen but actually have excess skin on the lower abdomen or have poor skin tone. When this is the case, performing liposuction alone will lead to unsatisfactory results. For this reason, a tummy tuck can also be applicable. This procedure can be performed to remove the excess skin, regardless if you have an enlarged belly or not. Remember, the tummy tuck also will remove some of the fat and will tighten the muscles of the abdomen. So in general, if you have excess skin, you will need a tummy tuck. It is not a matter of appearance, but how your skin tone is and how much excess skin you have.

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