Tummy tuck and liposuction, results into a hot sexy mommy

15th Apr 2019

An hourglass body, all the marks of pregnancy removed, and a body better than her college days! These are the results of Lindsey’s surgery with Dr. Cortes! Regrets? Only that she didn’t get the surgery sooner!

Her name is Lindsey and she is 38 years old. Lindsey came to see Dr. Cortes because after pregnancy her body has changed. She had fat deposits in different areas and saggy skin on the tummy. Lindsey noticed the changes in her body, and this is the reason why she wanted to undergo the tummy tuck. More than anything else, she wanted the curves and the hourglass figure, and she knew this goal was not achievable with the traditional tummy tuck.
When the classic tummy tuck is performed, the surgeon will eliminate the excess skin, but the shape of the body might remain square. When Dr. Cortes performs the hourglass tummy tuck, the aim is to achieve a more curvaceous body by adding liposuction and also a fat transfer to the hips. Lindsey had an hourglass tummy tuck with Dr. Cortes after doing plenty of research online and looking for the right doctor that could help her get the curves she wanted.
The surgery went on smoothly. Five weeks post-op, Lindsey returned to see Dr. Cortes for a check-up, and she is looking great and mentioned her recovery being smoother than she had hoped for. Most of the swelling has subsided already and she is back to work. Lindsey mentioned how happy she is about how the recovery is going.
Lindsey is launching a new business for which she needed a video production that she kept postponing. She now feels that the confidence she gained after undergoing the procedure will help her tremendously in her business as she doesn’t feel self-conscious anymore. Lindsey’s results are so good that she is almost in shock when she looks in the mirror. Even her little six year old daughter has noticed that her mommy’s tummy is gone and looks much better than before. Moreover, Lindsey mentions that her body has never looked better, not even in college or when she was in her 20s. She couldn’t be any happier undergoing the procedure, and she wishes she would have done it sooner.

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