Tummy tuck and scars Dr.Hourglass, Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio

08th Feb 2017

After a tummy tuck, it is not uncommon that certain areas of the incision heal different based on the anatomical area. This is because the tension of the closure varies across different areas of the scar. In particular, a location that will have the highest tension is right at the midline, because the excess skin below the belly button is cut and pulled downwards, affecting the distance between the upper and lower part of the belly. The tension will be higher in this area, which can possibly result in a wide scar in the middle. The sides of the scar tend to be thinner, since the skin is cut in a 45-degree angle, starting from the top of the belly downwards. Patients must recognize the limitations of the tummy tuck, though surgeons try to achieve as minimal scarring as possible. Skin tone and the distance between the belly button and the lower part of the abdomen are other factors that must also be considered with regard to tummy tuck scarring.

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