Tummy tuck diet after surgery

18th Oct 2018

Due to weight fluctuations, there are many patients who have resorted to a tummy tuck to address their abdominal imperfections, but they are concerned about sustaining the results. Fortunately, the results of the tummy tuck can be permanent, but only if the patient maintains a constant weight with little fluctuations.
Patients come to me asking what is the best diet to help them sustain the results of the intervention. Should they try Dukan, South Beach, Paleo diet or whatever the latest trend is? My answer to them, and something that I have seen provide prolonged results, is simply called “eat in moderation.” In other words, after the tummy tuck procedure, you should avoid indulging in overeating, and especially avoid very fat, over-processed or fried foods. This is a diet that anyone can follow without a need for a nutritionist to make special preparations. All in all, you just need to make sure to avoid all the food that caused the weight gain to begin with.
In addition to this, the eating regimen that will help you sustain the results of the tummy tuck is to have three meals a day, and eventually you can have one or two snacks a day. Eating once or twice a day will only lead to fat accumulation because it causes people to binge-eat. Moreover, the meals should be balanced from a caloric point of view. For example, you can have 20% of the calorie intake per day for breakfast, 30% for lunch and 20% for dinner. The rest of the 30% can be divided into two snacks: one in the late morning and one a few hours before dinner. This way you won’t feel hungry, and you won’t have the tendency to eat more than you need to in one meal.
While the calorie intake is important, the source of the calories is just as important. Make sure to have fresh fruits or vegetables at least once a day, preferably in their raw form and not as a fruit juice, for example. The reason being that when you eat the whole fruit, you get the fibers too, not only the water and the sugar that comes from squeezing the fruits. Choose a good quality source of fibers, such as whole grains and vegetables, since they will help you maintain your weight. Proteins are also important, just as fats are in a balanced dietary plan. The proteins can be from vegetal or animal origins. A good proportion is to have 30% vegetal proteins (beans, nuts, etc.) and 70% animal proteins (meat, cheese, eggs). However, the proportion changes when it comes to fat: 30% should come from animal sources (butter, for example) and 70% from vegetal sources (vegetal oil).
Aside from that, hydration is also necessary, so make sure to drink plenty of water during the days following your tummy tuck surgery.

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