Tummy Tuck for Men

Tummy Tuck for Men

03rd Dec 2017


Nowadays, one of the major preoccupations of men regarding their physical appearance is based on the circumference of their waist. Their worry stands to reason since it is a well-known fact that men are more affected of abdominal obesity than women. While you might have thought that the tummy tuck is the same regardless of the sex of the patient, there are actually a few significant differences between a tummy tuck for men and women.

With that said, it is important to note that the excess fat tissue on the abdomen is more dangerous than the one localized on the thighs or hips.

Male Tummy Tuck

The purpose of the tummy tuck is still the same no matter what the sex, which is to achieve a flat abdomen with a nice appearance. However, there are distinctions in the process of a tummy tuck between men and women.

Usually, the tummy tuck for men is performed without the need for the patient to spend the night in the hospital or the medical facility. This is because males who get a tummy tuck heal much faster, making the recovery time is shorter. The male body has a different physiological structure than the female body, which makes it advantageous for them in terms of healing.

In addition, the operating technique used for a male tummy tuck is slightly different than in the case of a woman. For male patients, the areas that tend to accumulate fat tissue are the abdomen, the hips, and the side areas of the waist as well as the back on each side of the spine.

For male tummy tuck procedures, the abdominal fat will be deposited in the abdominal cavity, whereas in women’s cases, the fat is deposited in the dermal layer. Hence, in these cases, only dieting combined with playing sports and exercising can be the ones to help the body increase the metabolic rate. This will accentuate the calorie burn in order for the fat tissue located around the organs to be reduced. It is important to remember that the visceral fat tissue can’t be reduced with the help of a tummy tuck, or other plastic surgery intervention for that matter.

The main cause for which men request the tummy tuck is to fight the natural aging process, which causes sagging skin around the abdominal area. As people age, diets and exercises are no longer the perfect recipe for achieving a perfect abdomen. The skin loses elasticity becoming lax and sagging. At the same time, it is also possible for stretch marks to appear because the fat is usually distributed in the abdomen area. Drastic weight loss can also be one of the causes of sagging skin in the abdomen area.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

To attain a rejuvenated appearance in your abdomen, the surgeon will do liposuction together with a tummy tuck. This intervention will have an essential role in remodeling the adipose tissue in the abdomen and body level, combined with the excision of the excess skin through a suprapubic incision. In order to achieve optimal results, the navel will be repositioned and the lax abdominal wall will be strengthened to flatten the abdomen and to accentuate the muscular contour. This will allow smooth and tight skin to retract in a harmonious way.

Considering the fact that men have a tendency to accumulate fat in the intra-abdominal area, it is crucial for the patient who wants to undergo a tummy tuck to follow a weight loss program first before the procedure. The tummy tuck will only be done when his weight is stable. This is because a larger excess of intra-abdominal fat can significantly reduce the degree of improvement and the potential to accentuate the abdominal profile. Furthermore, obesity in the abdominal area is extremely dangerous to the patient’s health since this fat accumulates in the internal organs. The abdominal fat puts pressure on the organs and disturbs their functions because it creates hormones that lead to an increase in the arterial blood pressure and also the cholesterol, thus blocking the functions of insulin, which is responsible for controlling the glycemic level.

This is when plastic surgery comes to the rescue with the tummy tuck and liposuction procedures for men. These are procedures customized to reduce the adipose deposits on the abdomen and the flanks of your body while also tightening the abdominal muscles and giving you an improved appearance altogether. The tummy tuck procedure can provide impressive results, especially for patients who followed all the doctor’s recommendations.

While the aesthetic reason might be enough to motivate men to lose weight, health is a much more important reason for this. Losing those obnoxious centimeters from around your waist will have a tremendous impact on the way you look, feel, and act in all aspects of your daily life. So whatever the options and the results, after an abdominal reshaping, the patient should follow a balanced and healthy diet in order to eliminate the adipose tissue that has developed on the organs and outside the dermal layer. This is of utmost importance for maintaining your health.

Men’s Reasons for Getting a Tummy Tuck

Yes, most of the men become interested in getting a tummy tuck because they want to look better, but some also realize how having a fatty stomach impact their health.

So here are a few ways in which abdominal fat affects your health and even your lifestyle:

  • The elimination of abdominal fat can improve your sex life. Yes, it is accurate to say this as researchers have discovered that obese men have ten times more potential sexual issues than men with a normal weight. These sexual issues may be psychological since it interferes with self-esteem and causes discomfort during sexual intercourse. But it can also be physiological, where it causes erectile dysfunctions. Thus, some men opt for losing weight through dieting and exercises and then getting a tummy tuck to perfect the appearance of their abdomen, so that they can get back their libido and sexual function.
  • Abdominal fat causes an increase in the production of estrogen, which are female hormones, and a decrease in the testosterone levels. This of course does not mean you are less of a man, but obesity is almost always associated with a decrease in the testosterone levels, the hormone that determines the sexual characters such as hair, the increased muscular mass, low tone of voice, etc. A decrease in testosterone levels negatively affects sexual appetite. Aside from these unwanted side effects, low testosterone levels can also mean a decrease in the level of energy and motivation, and can even cause depression.
  • People with large adipose deposits in the abdominal area favor a sedentary lifestyle because the physical effort is intolerable. This is because the increase in adipose tissue on the abdomen causes problems for the heart and lungs to send enough oxygen to the tissues. While it might be possible to have enough muscle mass and resistance to exert physical effort even if you are overweight, the majority of obese men don’t fall into this category. In this case, it is extremely important to gradually resume physical activity and eventually, the extra kilograms might shed off too.
  • The loss of the abdominal fat will help ameliorate articular and back pains. Obesity and the lack of physical exercise can determine or worsen the back or joint pains. Imagine a weight that you are carrying on your back all day long, no matter what you do. It will make you tired and will cause chronic shoulder, back, and knee pains. By losing the extra weight, you get rid of the pain.
  • Losing weight in the abdominal area can prevent the occurrence of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Even if you are healthy now, the abdominal fat increases the risk of dying from a stroke. Unfortunately, men who gain weight in the abdomen area frequently show atheroma deposits on the artery walls that lead to them becoming narrower, inflamed, and resistant to insulin. Losing weight, increasing physical activities, quitting smoking, and following a balanced diet will reduce the risks to develop cardiac issues.


The tummy tuck for men is not a weight loss method, but what it can do is reshape the contour of the abdomen giving you a better profile and an improved appearance from both the front and the side. It is important to note that even if weight loss occurs, your abdominal area might never be the same as your original appearance before you gained weight.

Abdominal fat is usually associated with visceral fat that is deposited around the internal organs. While plastic surgery can’t help you lose weight and eliminate visceral fat, when combining weight loss procedures with plastic surgery (i.e. liposuction and tummy tuck) the results can be impressive and have a positive impact on a man’s life.

This surgical intervention is quite common among men who lost weight and want to redefine that aspect of their bodies for both aesthetic and health reasons. Looking after the appearance of your body is no longer just a woman’s job. Men are just as motivated to take care of themselves and look their best since our appearance influences our relationship, our lifestyle, and even our work performances. Overall, a renewed look for your abdomen will bring out a better you, both in terms of health and appearance.

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