Tummy Tuck-Pain After Tummy Tuck-Dr.Cortes-Plastic Surgeon Houston

18th Oct 2018

Patients constantly ask me how much pain they are going to be in after a tummy tuck. Remember that when you have the tummy tuck, you are going to have an incision in the lower abdomen. The abdomen is going to be then dissected superiorly and the muscles would be tightened in order to result in a nice, tight belly. Most of the pain comes from the tightening of the muscle as well as the incision site, but when we tighten the muscle, this means the dissection does not go below the level of the muscle. If you have undergone a C-section before, it will hurt more than a regular tummy tuck. In other words, pain after a tummy tuck will be much less due to the fact that the muscle is not cut. Patients who have undergone C-section have reported less pain with a tummy tuck compared to patients who have not undergone any major surgery. Nevertheless, pain medications will be prescribed in order to minimize your discomfort after surgery.

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