Tummy Tuck recovery, medications for pain

08th Feb 2017

Tummy tucks are an invasive procedure that require a relatively long time for recovery. Like any procedure in plastic surgery, there is going to be some pain associated with each specific operation. When it comes to pain after a tummy tuck, there are certain recommended medications for pain control. Minor pain medications include ibuprofen 800 mg that should be taken every six hours whether or not the patient is still feeling pain. Ibuprofen not only helps to decrease the pain after surgery, but it is also an anti-inflammatory agent that helps with the swelling of surrounding tissues. Talwin is recommended for severe pain. (Talwin is essentially a cousin of narcotics like morphine, dilaudid etc ) While it is an old medication, it decreases many complications from taking drugs like morphine, Vicodine, or Percocet. Itching, nausea, vomiting, and constipation are just some of the side effects of these drugs that Talwin alleviates. Talwin should be taken only when needed, in case of severe pain. Medicine continues to evolve that it can now alleviate pain before a patient wakes up from surgery. These days, Exparel is becoming the global standard in completely removing pain 72 to 96 hours after surgery.

Exparel is a pain medication that is injected during surgery. It is injected inside the muscle and surrounding tissues that are dissected during the operation. Exparel is a wonderful medication that can be used before surgery to minimize the pain after the operation. Combined altogether, ibuprofen,Talwin, and Exparel make a great combination to minimize pain during recovery.

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