Tummy tuck scars treatment option silicone dressing

18th Oct 2018

Patients are always concerned about the scar of the tummy tuck, including the length and location. Without a doubt, the scars are permanent, and yet some patients believe the scar will completely disappear after the procedure. Unfortunate as it may seem, the good thing is that scars tend to mature over a period of time. They get better over time and they tend to turn into a fine line.

There are different treatments that can be used to control and improve the appearance and thickness of the scar. For starters, if you start developing a thick scar, the main treatments would be either Kenalog injection or silicone dressings. Typically, silicone dressings can be used from a month after surgery. You need to start undergoing scar treatment once the incision has completely healed. Silicone dressings are used 24/7. They actually behave like a surgical tape that is placed over the scars and need to be used all the time. Kenalog injections are steroids that can also be used for specific areas of the scars. Kenalog is injected inside the scar in specific areas to help minimize scar formation and decrease scars that have become thick over a given period of time. In essence after a tummy tuck, you can start using scar treatment about a month after the procedure. Silicone dressings, as well as Kenalog injections, are the main treatments to improve scars and prevent bad scar formation.

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