Two weeks after butt implants

Two weeks after butt implants

12th Dec 2019


The recovery period after butt implant surgery is a very important time during which the patient needs to follow a specific approach to avoid complications and ensure good results are achieved. The recovery period often lasts about two weeks. After this time, most patients can resume work and most of their daily activities. However, before resuming exercise and work, it is important to see the plastic surgeon and talk to him about this.

The first two weeks after butt implant surgery are probably the most important as it is during this time that severe complications can occur and the final results are dependent on the patient’s behavior during this time.

There are strict recommendations that have to be followed during the first two weeks after butt implant surgery. The plastic surgeon will insist on the patient avoiding sitting on the buttocks and lying on the back as otherwise the incisions might open and the implants might shift. These complications can lead to an unsatisfactory result, delayed wound healing, bad scarring, and even a necessity to undergo another procedure. Too much pressure on the buttocks too soon after the procedure is to be avoided at all costs. 

Upon the return home, the patient will need to take analgesic medication for pain management and also antibiotics to prevent infection. The first two weeks after getting implants, the buttocks will be swollen and bruised as a result of the surgical trauma. Moreover, the patient can also experience a tightness in the buttocks, tension, and a certain level of numbness in the area. The numbness is caused by the sectioning of the nerves of the buttocks during surgery. The sensation is normal, and it will disappear on its own within a few weeks for most patients. However, in rare cases, the numbness can become permanent. 

The tight sensation is normal due to the implants stretching the tissues of the buttocks accommodating to the new environment. With time, the patient will get used to the tightness and it will also disappear without additional treatment. 

In terms of being active, the recommendation is to avoid intense physical activities for a minimum of two weeks to a month after the procedure. However, patients are advised to walk around the house even from day one to avoid the formation of a blood clot and to promote a fast and smooth recovery.

Within the first two weeks after the surgery, most patients can resume their daily activities around the house, provided they don’t entail an intense level of physical effort. Even after two weeks, patients should avoid sitting directly on the buttocks or lying on the back. The recommendation is to sleep on the tummy for a minimum of three weeks and use a special pillow under the buttocks for the same amount of time. 

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