Types of breast enhancement procedures

Types of breast enhancement procedures

06th Aug 2021

While there is no doubt that breast implant surgery is the most sought-after procedure that can be performed on the breasts, there are other different procedures that are just as popular among women with different imperfections in the breasts.

Breast augmentation with implants is the optimal surgical plan if you have small breasts and you would like to get a considerable improvement in terms of breast size and shape. When using implants, we can control the shape of the breasts and give them that sexy, upper pole fullness. At the same time, women can also get the natural teardrop shape of the breasts by using specific types of implants. 

It is important to discuss the type of breast implants that you want with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation to make sure you get the results you desire. The thing to remember is that breast implant surgery can be performed even on patients with small breast tissue and a thin body shape, unlike breast augmentation procedures that use fat.

Fat grafting to the breasts can be a suitable procedure for patients with unwanted adipose tissue in other areas of the body. It entails liposuction on the donor areas to collect the fat, then the fat goes through a purification process and is reinjected into the breasts. Fat grafting to the breasts is a relatively new procedure compared to breast implant surgery, which has been performed for more than half a century now. However, patients can achieve good results with this procedure as well when performed by a talented, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. 

Keep in mind that the augmentation achieved with fat transfer is not comparable with implants. With implants we can add considerably more volume as implants can go up to 1000 ccs. With fat, this is not possible. Injecting too much fat into the breasts in one session could lead to the formation of granulomas and the fat cells to be reabsorbed by the body in the months following the procedure. 

Another breast enhancement procedure that is often recommended for women who have had one or multiple pregnancies or are over a certain age is the breast lift. Also known in medical terms as mastopexy, the breast lift can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or with breast implants. The procedure aims to lift saggy breasts while also improving their shape and position on the chest wall and eliminating the excess skin in the breasts. A breast lift with implants is very popular as it addresses two concerns: saggy and small breasts. The procedure can deliver spectacular results and help women get the breasts of their dreams in a matter of a few hours.

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