Types of injections to the buttocks

Types of injections to the buttocks

07th Aug 2017

Buttocks augmentation procedures can be done to make the buttocks look shapelier and look even better. There are some people who choose to have butt implants while there are also others who prefer to have buttock injections. These injections are composed of different solutions that will enhance the shape and size of the buttocks. Here are the different types of injections for your butt.

– Fat Injections: Fat injections are one of the safest types available today. This method is also known as the Brazilian butt lift, and it involves removing excess fat from other areas of the body. The surgeon will determine if the patient has enough fats in their body to transfer to the buttocks. Once the sites have been chosen, the fats will then be removed and purified before it will be injected back into the buttocks. It is considered the safest because the fat that is injected into the buttocks also comes from the same person. In this way, the body doesn’t reject the injected fat because it was already part of the body in the first place. Many also love this because they get both a sexier butt and lesser fat in the other areas they want to slim down.

– PMMA Injections: PMMA stands for polymethyl-methacrylate, and it is filler that is approved by the FDA in the United States. Although the FDA approved it, only a few people choose this kind of filler because of its very expensive cost. A client who wishes to augment her buttocks with this kind of filler can easily spend $100,000. The price will also highly depend on how much of the filler is needed to achieve the size and shape that you want for your buttocks. Some people choose this when they don’t have enough fat for the fat injections. This kind of injection is also offered in other countries at a much lower price. While you can get this at the same time you go for a vacation to other countries, please ensure that the surgeon who does the procedure is trustworthy and board certified. This substance is illegal in the USA.

– Hydrogel Injections: This kind of injection is still not legal in the United States but is available in other countries. This solution is mostly made up of water and a small part of polyacrylamide. Although this is cheaper, most surgeons still do not recommend it because it isn’t regulated nor has the FDA approved it. Furthermore, the results are only temporary, and most of those who get this kind of injection see results last for just about a year and a half.

– Silicone Injections: Most of the butt implants used today are made up of solid silicone, but there is also liquid silicone that can be injected into the butt. The solid silicone butt implants are approved by the FDA, but the silicone liquid for injections is still not approved. It can be dangerous to have this kind of injection because it is possible for the liquid silicone to move to other parts of the body where it can further cause inflammation or infection.


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