Types of silicone butt implants

Types of silicone butt implants

24th May 2017

Types of silicone butt implants


It has been reported that plastic surgery procedures continue to show, not just remarkable growth, but also shifts in types of procedures. While traditionally popular procedures retain its popularity, more and more patients are undergoing more diverse interventions utilizing new techniques. The rapid development of new technology is in response to the unquenchable desire to look good. This is especially true among women who want to maintain their youthful appearance and body.

Aside from the already classical breast implants, we have seen the rapid growth of buttocks implants. Jennifer Lopez unlocked the epic trend for voluptuous bodies and the Kardashians and other divas that have made big and curvy en vogue have magnified this. The demand for butt implants surgery is on the rise everywhere in the world. Women of all cultures want bigger butts, and they want it now! The good news is that the butt implants can deliver compelling and impactful results for most patients. The contraindications and the risks of possible complications are minimal compared to the impressive and beneficial effects promised and touted.

The results of the surgical interventions performed for buttocks augmentation are undeniably remarkable. This can be attributed to the skill and competency of the plastic surgeon as well as the outstanding quality of the products. Good quality products without an experienced plastic surgeon cannot achieve a good result, and likewise, even a respectable plastic surgeon cannot achieve optimal results with mediocre and inferior quality implants. Ergo, to ensure best results after surgery, you will need to choose quality and top grade products and a highly skilled and experienced surgeon.

What do you need to know about buttocks implants?

The buttocks muscles play a material role in determining the shape the buttocks. Of course, the muscles can be toned using specific exercises, but the results might very well take years before it can be visible and mind you, that’s quite a difficult task to achieve. You should also know that certain types, like a V-shaped buttock cannot be improved or changed with just exercise no matter how hard you work out at the gym. Moreover, in this “instant” age of IM’s, Snap Chats, Instagram, a significant number of women are increasingly seeking instant results and not a long, arduous or protracted process to achieve a body that is as close to perfection as possible. For such women, butt augmentation surgery with gluteal implants, is the best solution.

For the past years, manufacturers of implant technology have taken significant strides in improving and modifying gluteal implants to create the shapeliest projection, fullness and symmetry. Your plastic surgeon will recommend a style that would be the most perfect fit for your size and nearest to your goals and desires.

Gluteal implants are soft-solid silicone gels with a sturdiness, naturalness and solidity that are almost a replica of the tissue it is augmenting. Most patients are surprised to see how hard butt implants are, especially if they had the chance before to see and feel silicone breast implants. The gluteal implants need to be of a different consistency compared to the breast implants because we sit on the buttock all day long in some cases, use it during walking, standing up and just about any activity.

Preparing for butt implants surgery

The patient who wants to undergo buttock augmentation with implants will need to be thoroughly examined by the plastic surgeon during the initial meeting. The surgeon will ask about the reasons behind your desire to undergo surgery, and he will assess and determine if there is a real need for buttock enhancement.

After deciding on the augmentation technique that can provide you with best results, the surgeon will walk you through the procedure, explaining each step in detail, and the attendant risks and possible complications that may arise. The surgeon will also explain the post-operative care that you need to follow strictly during home recuperation and recovery. During this time or in some cases, at the second consultation, the surgeon will also take thorough measurements to ascertain which style of gluteal implants you need.

Gluteal implants are usually inserted through incisions measuring about 6 cm long in the buttock crease for less visible scarring.

The benefits of butt implant surgery:

  • The patient can get the “dream” buttocks in a short period of time with minimal effort and by strictly following post-operative care instructions of the surgeon.
  • Clothes fit better with the added pizzazz of a shapelier and bigger butt that gives a more flattering silhouette.
  • Boost in self-confidence and improved self-image that can translate into a more active social calendar, improved quality of life, increased productivity and overall mental and emotional well-being.
  • Goodbye to feelings of discomfort and inferiority over physical imperfections;

Beyond doubt, butt implants surgery provides a fast and efficient solution for all those who want to improve and enhance the appearance, shape and size of their buttocks.

Keep in mind though that all surgical interventions can have certain complications such as bleeding, asymmetries and infections. This is one of the reasons why it is very important to choose your plastic surgeon carefully and to strictly follow post-operative instructions to the letter.


While it is true that you can exercise, do your squats and lunges, to achieve a more toned and stronger glutes, all these cannot give you the projection you have been dreaming of or significantly increase the volume of the buttocks.

Gluteal implants are a good choice when it comes to butt augmentation for both men and women. The makers of butt implants have been working for years now to produce safe, top grade and quality products that will enhance the shape, size and projection of your buttocks. We now have gluteal implants made out of soft-solid silicone gels with a sturdiness, naturalness and solidity that are almost a replica of the tissue it is augmenting. It comes in many sizes and can be round or anatomically shaped. The most commonly used is the round shape as it is more natural and most patients need the augmentation on the superior side of the buttocks. The anatomically-shaped implants can be used to correct certain asymmetries or other defects of the buttocks.

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