Uncomfortable compression garments after bbl

Uncomfortable compression garments after bbl

12th Feb 2020


The Brazilian butt lift is a modern procedure performed nowadays to enhance the appearance of the buttocks. Unlike the traditional butt lift which entails the removal of the skin tissue in excess on the buttocks, the Brazilian butt lift (or BBL in short) is used to get the perky butt effect without the need to eliminate the excess skin. Of course, the procedures have different recommendations, and it is only after a consultation with the plastic surgeon that it will be decided what procedure can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. 

When the Brazilian butt lift is performed, what actually happens is that the plastic surgeon will address one or multiple areas of the body where there is an excess of fat tissue with liposuction. The surplus of fat is removed from that area and put through a complex purification process by decantation. The purest and healthiest fat cells resulting after the purification process are used to be injected into the buttocks. For this purpose, the plastic surgeon will use a special syringe and make multiple incisions on different areas of the buttocks. One of the reasons why the procedure is so in demand is that the incisions required are very small, so the procedure leaves behind insignificant scarring. Moreover, the risk of developing an infection is rather small compared to other procedures performed for butt enhancement purposes such as butt implant surgery. 

After the fat is injected into the buttocks in different areas and at different depths, the procedure is considered complete. The patient will be dressed in compression clothing and moved to recovery. The discharge from the medical facility often takes place within the first few hours after waking up from the effects of the anesthesia. 

Upon the return home after the BBL, the patient is advised to strictly follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon for post-operative care. Among these instructions, one of the most important is the need to wear compression garments after the surgery. The role of the compression panties that are recommended to be worn for a minimum of three weeks non-stop is to reduce the swelling and bruising and help refine the results of the procedure. Compression garments are mandatory after many plastic surgery procedures, and it is required to wear it non-stop for the first few weeks and for more weeks after, only during the day. While this might seem like a simple recommendation, some might find it difficult to follow through because they find the garments very uncomfortable. 

Uncomfortable compression garments after the BBL can be quite an issue for the patient. This is why a responsible and experienced plastic surgeon will always recommend good quality compression clothes and help the patient choose the right size that will fit them perfectly. Keep in mind that your buttocks will be bigger after the BBL, so selecting the right size is very important. 

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