Undergoing plastic surgery in autumn

Undergoing plastic surgery in autumn

19th Sep 2019

Undergoing plastic surgery in autumn


When considering resorting to plastic surgery, few people think about seasons and what would be the best one to schedule the procedure. It is true that you should schedule plastic surgery when you know you can take time off from work for the recovery period and when you don’t have social commitments; however, autumn can be a wise choice for quite a few reasons:

–    Avoiding sun exposure after surgery 

After most types of plastic surgery, the plastic surgeon will advise you to avoid sun exposure at all costs as this might influence the cicatrization process and you might end up with unsightly looking scars or skin discolorations in the areas that were treated with plastic surgery. Sun exposure should be avoided for a period of at least six months, maybe up to a year. Patients should have the incisions covered at all times when outside in the sun and not with little or no clothes on to avoid getting unsatisfactory results after the procedure. This condition is often easier to follow if the procedure is performed at the beginning of the fall, so the patient will have fall, winter and even spring with no sun exposure, but will be ready for the next summer to show off the beautiful results achieved with the procedure. 

–    Avoiding thermic discomfort during the recovery period

There is no question about it: the recovery period after a complex plastic surgery procedure can be associated with a certain level of pain and discomfort. This is the reason why a responsible plastic surgeon will advise patients to minimize or avoid other discomforts that might occur during the recovery period, especially during the first few weeks post-op. In summer, the heat can be unpleasant as it is, but even more difficult to bear when going through the initial stages of the recovery period after plastic surgery. Undergoing plastic surgery in autumn can help you avoid the thermic discomfort that can be associated with summer in certain parts of the country. 


–    Being discreet with the results during the first few months post-op

People undergo plastic surgery to enhance their aesthetic appearance. However, it can take months for the final results to transpire, especially if we are talking about a complex procedure such as a tummy tuck, breast, or butt augmentation with implants. During the first few months the results are visible, but so are the side effects such as swelling and bruising, among others. When considering breast implant surgery, it can take a few months for the implants to settle in their new position, and until this happens, the appearance can be one of a body builder, as some patients call it. The first months after the procedure, most patients appreciate the opportunity to wear warmer clothes like chunky sweaters as it allows them to keep things discreet. 


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