Understanding buttock implants options

Understanding buttock implants options

14th Feb 2018

A lot of women idealize a pert, round, prominent, and sexy butt as one of the top aesthetic goals. Many women spend much of their time exercising to acquire that added oomph and projection to their booties; even if it rarely helps and is even a literal exercise in futility. If you were not naturally endowed with it, the best and most effective method to increase the size of and create a shapelier derriere is through buttock implants.

Buttock implants surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that involves the insertion of semi-solid prosthetic silicone implants in the buttocks to add projection to and improve shape, size and contour of the butts. Butt implants have been around for many years now, and women with smaller or flatter behinds are increasingly undergoing the butt implants procedure to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Composition of the buttock implant

There are many people who mistakenly think that the butt implants are the same as breast implants. This is not true, absolutely not. There is a major difference between breast implant and buttock implant. The breast implant is made of a silicone shell filled with either silicone gel or saline solution. This makes them prone to ruptures and other complications.

On the other hand, the gluteal implants are made of semi-solid, flexible silicone material that are as close to natural and completely immune to ruptures. Unlike the breast implants, butt implants are completely free from silicone gel, which is why butt implants are highly durable. The buttock implants are also clearly approved by the FDA.

The good news is that buttock implants are especially designed and manufactured by certain, prominent companies. This means that the quality of these implants is world-class, and the patient can safely expect to get good results. These implants come with manufacturer warranty, and are engineered to mimic the buttock tissue and muscle.

Buttock implant style options

Buttock implants normally come in four different styles. The most commonly used style is the round, non-directional buttock implant. Non-directional implants come with a variety of benefits. They can be inserted and positioned in customary planes of insertion and add balanced projection to your butts, including the upper pole region of the buttocks.

Another benefit of the non-directional butt implants is that they are not very prone to implant rotation or shifting, which is a common problem with the directional or anatomical butt implants.

Anatomical or directional butt implants are normally shaped differently in different dimensions, meaning that their shape in not consistent in all directions. This is why they need a particular alignment, insertion, and location within the buttocks. They can deliver excellent outcomes to attain a specific balance. However, this calls for superior aesthetic sense and precise artistic skills from your plastic surgeon.

Buttock implant size options

Buttock implants also come in different sizes. This means that the larger the size of your butt implant, the bigger your buttock will be. Many patients think that bigger is always better but the truth is, bigger is not always better. If a bigger implant was perfect for your friend, it does not necessarily mean that it will suit you as well.

Selecting the right implant size is the key to achieving an aesthetically appealing buttock. If you insist on getting the largest buttock implant, your buttocks may appear disproportionate since your overall body size, features, figure, height, weight, anatomy, and other body parts may not complement your new butts. This is why it is very crucial to listen to your plastic surgeon when it comes to picking the size of your buttock implants.

Your plastic surgeon is highly experienced. He would have examined your buttocks in detail during the initial consultation. Your buttock dimensions would have been measured, along with your overall size and height. Moreover, the dimensions of your buttocks would have been closely examined to see how it would look with the implants. After a thorough analysis and evaluation of your buttocks, your plastic surgeon would then recommend the best implant size for you.

Since each implant style and size comes with varying dimensions, and offers different volumes, you should carefully listen to what your surgeon has to say about the butt implant that would be best for you. Of course, custom implants can also be specially made for you, depending on your aesthetic needs and bodily structure. The surgeon can also modify the implants according to your requirements.

The technical angle

While the operation to place the gluteal implants inside your buttocks is quite straightforward, there are a number of technical sides of the surgery that must be considered and carefully addressed. These technical aspects can vary from patient to patient. It is strongly recommended that you choose a board certified, highly experienced, skilled surgeon with great sense of aesthetics to get optimal results.

The implants are inserted inside the buttocks through incisions that are usually along the butt crease. In the second step, pockets will be created for the buttocks within the gluteal muscle, above it, or underneath it. Again, the choice of implant location and position will be determined by the plastic surgeon. Each choice comes with its own pros and cons. In most cases, the implant is placed within the butt muscle where it can get enough tissue coverage and is completely comfortable for the patient.

After placement and positioning of the implants inside of the butts, the incisions are closed and sutured. You will get detailed instructions from the surgeon about proper wound care and what to do and what to avoid during the recovery period, which may last from 2-4 weeks.


Buttock implants come in different shapes and sizes. With the professional guidance of your surgeon, select a size and style that best suits your anatomy and overall figure to get best results. Choosing an inappropriate implant shape or size will not at all complement your overall figure as it will just make your butts look like separate entities.

The best way to make a judicious implant choice is by listening to your plastic surgeon. If your plastic surgeon is experienced and board-certified, his recommendation will be solid and the best choice.

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