Understanding the Real Cause of Dark Under Eye Circles

eyelidThe appearance of dark under eye circles is often associated with not getting enough sleep, but that’s not actually true. The unsightly dark circles are primarily caused by excessive pooling of blood in the vessels underneath the delicate skin, which actually makes the condition difficult to conceal.

Excessive pooling of blood in the vessels can be influenced by a combination of factors:

  • Genetics – Certain ethnicities have thinner skin in the under eye area resulting in more obvious discoloration.
  • Aging – The skin naturally loses its elasticity as we age which in turn makes the skin in the under eye area thinner than it used to be.
  • Sun exposure – Under eye darkness can be aggravated with sun exposure, as elevates melanin production and can cause the skin to darken.
  • Allergies – Certain allergies cause the veins to become congested or enlarged.
  • Excess fat – Bulging under eye fat may cast a shadow under the eye and create an illusion of dark under eye circles.

Effective solutions against under eye circles

Getting enough sleep may reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles but it won’t eliminate the problem. Preventive measures such as applying creams with SPF that are specially formulated for delicate under eye skin are recommended. Additionally, loading up on Vitamin K in your diet and in topical products can also help reduce pooling of blood in the vessels because the vitamin plays a huge role in strengthening blood vessels.

Dramatic outcomes may also be achieved through lower eyelid surgery, particularly if the under eye darkness is a result of protruding excess fat in the lower eyelids.

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