Unhappy with the results of the breast lift

Unhappy with the results of the breast lift

01st Feb 2021


For women confronted with breast sagginess, there is an efficient and permanent solution that can help them get perky breasts and increased levels of self-confidence. There is no doubt about the fact that the appearance of the breasts is very important in a woman’s anatomy and also greatly affects her self-image. Real emotional complexes can be associated with breasts that are too small, too large, or too saggy, and women confronted with any of these issues can struggle with daily discomforts. 

The breast lift is performed to help women with saggy breasts get a more beautiful shape of the breasts and a more natural position on the chest wall. But just like any other procedure performed for aesthetic purposes, there are no guarantees that the patient will be 100% satisfied with the results. In this article, we will discuss about patients unhappy with the results of the breast lift and what can be done in this situation. 

There are a few different reasons for patients to achieve unsatisfactory results after undergoing a breast lift. Here are a few situations:

–    Not choosing the right plastic surgeon for the job

When it comes to plastic surgery on the breasts, it is crucial for the success of the procedure to choose a talented, experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. While nowadays there is an abundance of people performing all sorts of procedures in hotel rooms and in patients’ living rooms, it is essential to do it right when it comes to plastic surgery on the breasts. A plastic surgeon that is right for the job is someone with all the certifications and who performs procedures in accredited medical facilities or hospitals. An experienced plastic surgeon will be able to show you before and after pictures of patients he operated on before you. If this is not possible, chances are you might not end up with the best results possible as the doctor might lack experience. Also, it is important to mention that if a surgeon is experienced in liposuction or Botox injections, this doesn’t mean that he will do a good job when performing a breast lift y. Get someone who performs this type of procedure routinely and with amazing results that can be seen. 

–    Not having an open and honest communication with the plastic surgeon

Patients can end up unhappy with the results of the breast lift if they don’t have open and honest communication with the plastic surgeon. Before the procedure, there will be at least one meeting with the plastic surgeon. This is called the pre-operative consultation, and it is during this time that the plastic surgeon will assess your candidacy for the breast lift, will explain the surgical plan in detail, and will ask about your reasons and expectations from the procedure, and life habits. It is important to discuss your medical history in detail with the plastic surgeon during this time and not hide anything. 

–    Not following post-op recommendations

While the experience and talent of the plastic surgeon are without question extremely important for the success of the breast lift, so is the patient’s behavior during the recovery period. The patient’s behavior during the first two to four weeks post-op can make or break the results achieved during surgery. It might seem difficult to understand how the patient could ruin the results, but it is actually not complicated at all. 

For example, an important recommendation after surgery is not to smoke. Smoking can not only prolong the recovery process but can also interfere with it and cause wound dehiscence or fat tissue necrosis due to the lack of proper oxygenation. These complications can trigger bad scarring and lead to an unsatisfactory result. Aside from smoking, patients are also advised to avoid sleeping or resting on the tummy. This is another aspect of the recovery period that can significantly alter the results. Unnecessary pressure applied on the breasts can result in wound opening that could lead to infections and other complications, hence unsatisfactory results.

Wearing the special post-op bra is also mandatory after the breast lift to give support to the breasts and reduce the swelling that can occur due to the surgical trauma. Failing to follow the post-op recommendations after the breast lift can have serious consequences and can make the patient unhappy with the results. 

–    Unrealistic expectations

There are patients who were very unhappy with the results of their breast lift as they thought that their breasts would get smaller or bigger. But this is what we call unrealistic expectations. Patients should be aware of the fact that the breast lift has little or no effect on the volume of the breasts. The procedure is performed to elevate the breasts and restore beautiful shape, not to increase or decrease the size of the breasts. Patients get confused about the results as they might have seen breasts that did look smaller or bigger on other patients, but this is often the case when the procedure is combined with implants or breast reduction. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon to get a mastopexy together with implants if the patient has breasts that are too small compared to the rest of her anatomy. Also, if the breast ptosis was caused by the excessive volume of the mammary gland tissue, the plastic surgeon might recommend getting a breast reduction to avoid sagginess again. 

Having unrealistic expectations is a sure method to be very unhappy with the results, so make sure you understand exactly what is going to happen during and after the procedure and how the results will look in your particular case. 

What to do if you are unhappy with the results of the breast lift

While being unhappy with the results of plastic surgery is not very common, patients should also know what to do in case it happens to them, such as:

–    Give it time

First and foremost, it is important to give it time for the recovery process to take its course. It can happen for patients to be concerned and unhappy with the initial results only to understand that it was just a stage in the recovery process and they actually got the results they desired months after. Keep in mind that it can take more than three months for the results to stabilize, depending on the complexity of each procedure and the patient’s ability to heal. Making decisions and being unhappy before the recovery period is over is pointless and can only add more stress. 

–    See the plastic surgeon for revision surgery 

If it has been more than three to six months after your breast lift and you are still unhappy, it is time to see the plastic surgeon for a revision surgery. You can see the same surgeon or a new one. Just make sure you don’t make the same mistakes twice. 


The breast lift is a complex procedure that should result in breasts that are elevated on the chest wall and with a perky appearance. However, even if the procedure is often performed with a high success rate, there can still be patients unhappy with the results. The reason for this dissatisfaction can be real or caused by unrealistic expectations. This is why it is essential to choose an experienced, talented and board-certified plastic surgeon to play out the procedure and to follow his recommendations to the letter during the recovery period.

If you are unhappy with the initial results and it is less than three months from the surgery, the advice for you would be to wait and give it a few more months before seeing the plastic surgeon for a consultation for a revision surgery. Keep in mind that the patient’s attitude and behavior during the recovery period are just as important as the doctor’s experience when it comes to achieving satisfactory results after the breast lift.

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