Unknown benefits of plastic surgery on the body

Unknown benefits of plastic surgery on the body

16th Mar 2020


There are different benefits associated with undergoing plastic surgery nowadays. Numerous studies have shown that having plastic surgery influences the general mood of people in a positive manner, leading to more optimism and an increased level of self-esteem.

Generally speaking, plastic surgery performed for aesthetic goals leads to a change in the patient’s image that is felt intensively by the psyche of the patient. Undergoing a transformation with the help of plastic surgery can help patients change their plans for the future, be more adventurous in their personal, social and professional life, and take on opportunities that would have been lost otherwise. Aside from the change in the self-perception, other people’s perception about the patient might change as well. Even if the transformations are not overly spectacular or very visible, patients who had plastic surgery to enhance their appearance can appear as more courageous in the eyes of others. And it is true that it requires a certain dose of courage to resort to plastic surgery. Many of us think about enhancing body features or correcting physical defects with the help of plastic surgery, but it is only a few that actually go on with the plans of changing their image with plastic surgery. 

The increase in the levels of self-esteem and a better self-image are just a few of the not so known benefits of undergoing plastic surgery. Many people think that plastic surgery is all about getting bigger breasts, a bigger booty, and getting rid of unwanted fat. But in many cases, the benefits are more vast than just improvement in the physical appearance. For example, when considering breast implants, what many women want to achieve is to eliminate the emotional complex associated with having underdeveloped breasts and a source of permanent discontent. Women with overly small breasts can feel less feminine and can have the tendency to avoid certain situations where they require to be wearing just lingerie or swimsuit. I had patients coming for the pre-operative consultation for breast augmentation surgery saying that they don’t want to get completely naked during sexual intercourse because they don’t feel sexy enough due to their small breasts. In some cases, their partners have never even seen them naked before. After the procedure, one of the main benefits they talk about is increased self-esteem. They feel more beautiful, and they behave as such which can lead to tremendous transformations in all areas of life.

Among the lesser known benefits of undergoing plastic surgery is also looking younger. Patients undergoing plastic surgery often tend to look younger and more fit than people of the same age who didn’t have surgery. This is especially true for patients undergoing procedures such as the breast lift, body lift, and tummy tuck. 

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