Unsatisfactory results after the buttock augmentation procedure

Unsatisfactory results after the buttock augmentation procedure

09th May 2018

Buttock augmentation is a way for women to feel more confident about their body because their curves will be accentuated. There are three main procedures on how it can be done and these are the buttock implants, fat transfer and filler injections. Although three methods are available, only two are considered by most surgeons to be safe, to wit: buttock implants and fat transfer. The filler injection is still questionable due to the components of the fillers.

Although all those who go through buttock augmentation procedure expect that they will have rounder and curvier buttocks, there are still some who, unfortunately, end up with unsatisfactory results. Even before the surgery, patients who are to undergo the buttock augmentation surgery will be informed about the different risks and complications that can happen so that they can decide whether to go through the procedure or not.

Some of the unsatisfactory results that patients can face include scarring, fat absorption, asymmetry, capsular contracture, and unnatural looking buttocks. Some of these can result from having the wrong procedure done as compared to the expected results. The best way to avoid these is to talk to the surgeon openly and tell them exactly your desires and what results are expected.

Buttock Augmentation Procedures

The main goal of having a buttock augmentation surgery is to improve the appearance of the buttock area by making it rounder and having a more striking projection of the buttocks. There are different plastic surgeries that can help achieve a bigger butt, and these are:

– Buttock Implants: The buttock implants available today are mostly made out of solid silicone. Most surgeons will suggest that you get the implants placed under the muscles to make sure they stay in place and to make them less palpable or obvious.

– Fat Transfer: The fat transfer procedure or what is more commonly known as the Brazilian butt lift can also be used to augment the buttocks. In this procedure, fat is harvested from other areas of the body like the abdomen, arms and thighs. The fat is purified before it is injected back into the buttocks.

– Filler Injections: This procedure is not recommended by most surgeons because its safety is still questionable. The fillers aren’t regulated and most of them could migrate into other areas of the body where it can cause more inflammation and infection. If you need a buttock augmentation, it would be best to choose from the first two than to consider other filler injections.

Unsatisfactory Results of Buttock Augmentation

All women who go through the buttock augmentation surgery look forward to having better buttocks. All are looking forward to favorable results although there are times that unsatisfactory results can also happen. The risk of having unsatisfactory results after the recovery period is there but many still take their chance. The risk of having complications after the buttock augmentation can be significantly decreased if proper surgeon selection is made.

Although there is a small chance of having unsatisfactory results, it would still be best to know what might happen so that patients can prepare for it and weigh it against their desire to have augmented buttocks. Among the unsatisfactory results are the ones found below:

– Scarring: The degree of scarring highly depends on the genes of the person who went through the surgery. If you observe that you tend to have keloidal scars, then you should be prepared to have them after the buttocks augmentation surgery. Patients who are greatly concerned about the scarring after the procedure should consider the less invasive fat transfer approach,over the more invasive implant surgery. It is also important to take care of the wound properly to prevent infection, which can make the scar more obvious.

– Fat Absorption: Fat absorption is an undesirable result for those who had fat transferred to their buttocks. It is expected that there would be some fat cells that would be reabsorbed by the body but the ones left should still be enough to augment the buttocks. Proper blood circulation towards the fat cells helps them to survive and to avoid being reabsorbed. It is also suggested that for those who are looking for a more prominent result, implants would be better than fat transfer.

– Asymmetry: Asymmetry can occur as a result of either buttock implants or fat transfer. It is possible for the implants to settle at different levels or to move to cause asymmetry. The only remedy for this is to undergo corrective surgery. On the other hand, asymmetry can also happen to those who undergo fat transfer procedures because the fat absorbed by the body can be different for both butt cheeks. Additional fat transfer sessions can be done to make the buttocks more symmetrical.

– Capsular Contracture: Capsular contracture is rare but there is still a chance for it to occur. This happens when the tissues around the implants harden or tighten. This can give pressure to the implants and also cause asymmetry to the buttocks.

– Unnatural Looking Buttocks: Unnatural looking buttocks may result from having implants. If your concern is to have augmented but natural looking buttocks, then you should go for fat transfer instead. You may also choose a smaller buttock implant or something that would be proportion to your body to prevent you from feeling like your buttocks look unnaturally big.

Many of the unsatisfactory results occur when the wrong type of surgery is done to the body in relation to the final results that the patient wants. It is important for patients to find a surgeon that they can openly and comfortably communicate with to make sure all their concerns are dealt with. In this way, having unsatisfactory results can be minimized.


Buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure wherein the shape and size of the buttocks are enhanced. It can be done through inserting buttock implants, injecting fat or injecting other fillers. Although other fillers may be available in the black market, surgeons highly advise against it due to safety reasons.

All of those who go through buttock augmentation want to end up with better-looking buttocks, but there are still some who end up having unsatisfactory results due to scarring, fat absorption, asymmetry, capsular contracture or unnatural looking buttocks.

Some of the unsatisfactory results can be due to the improper surgical procedure selected. This is why it is important to articulate what you want to achieve before you decide to go through the procedure. Patients need to find the right surgeon who can communicate well with them to help lessen the occurrence of unsatisfactory results.

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