Unsatisfactory Results After Tummy Tuck

01st Nov 2017

There are many patients who become dissatisfied with the results of tummy tuck immediately after the surgery. It is important to keep in mind that some of the results of the tummy tuck surgery would become apparent immediately after the procedure; however, the complete aesthetic improvements would take several months to transpire. Patients are advised to wait a few months to see the final results, which includes a youthful, firmer, and toned abdomen.

Like all other plastic surgery procedures, it is never guaranteed that you would be satisfied with the outcomes of the tummy tuck. While most patients like the results, there are others who become dissatisfied. There are several problems and causes that make patients dissatisfied.
Some patients have a genetic tendency to develop unsightly and extensive scarring when incisions are placed on the body. The tummy tuck involves incisions and skin excision, which means the patient may become dissatisfied with the results in case unsightly scars develop. Scarring is unavoidable in a tummy tuck. If you get unwelcoming scars due to a tummy tuck, you should seek treatment for the condition.

There are also patients who have poor skin quality, meaning their skin is not elastic. As a result, their abdomen may become saggy again after the surgery. A good plastic surgeon would advise you to avoid the tummy tuck if your skin quality is poor.

Getting an irregular or lopsided abdomen after the tummy tuck also causes dissatisfaction among patients. If the plastic surgeon is inexperienced and unskilled, there is a risk your abdomen will look lopsided after the intervention and may dissatisfy you. In order to treat this condition, you must undergo a revision surgery.

Carelessness during the recovery period can also impair the achieved aesthetic results, thus resulting in dissatisfaction. You must avoid physical activities of any kind during the recovery period and follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions. Undue pressure resulting from activities like stretching, weight lifting, or sleeping on the operated area may lead to aesthetic and health complications.

Exposing the operated area to the sun can also cause aesthetic problems that will leave you dissatisfied with the achieved results. For example, sun exposure of the surgical site during the first four months after the surgery can cause discolorations.

In order to make sure you are satisfied with the final outcomes of the tummy tuck, be sure to choose your plastic surgeon carefully, have your candidacy assessed properly, set realistic and reasonable goals for the intervention, and be very careful during the recovery period.

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